📚 How She Landed a Three Book Deal (as a First Time Author)

I will be speaking again at the Publishing in Color Conference on How to Be Your Own Publicist. The reason why I love this Christian Writer’s event is because they are about increasing the number of books published by spiritual writers of color.  You know I’v always been about my people. Black people way before the hashtag “blacklivesmatter.”

Publishing in Color (PIC) also includes groups Asian Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans, who have been under-represented in terms of the number of published books. PIC seeks to achieve this objective in two ways: (1) Publishing in Color conferences and (2) a TON of free resources for spiritual writers at Writing for Your Life.

The goals of these conferences are to:

  • Foster relationships between spiritual writers of color and representatives of spiritual book publishing companies and spiritual magazines
  • Provide networking and educational opportunities so that prospective writers can learn more about how to work with these publishers and magazines
  • Result in an increased number of books and articles published by writers of color
  • People of color have important stories to tell that shape the great American narrative. Heroic struggles for justice; incredible contributions to technology, science and the arts; remarkable resistance and resilience are hallmarks of these stories.

I’ll be speaking on the topic of : “How to Be Your Own Publicist”

    • The number one thing media look for when booking guests for TV
    • How to build a platform so You’re Media Ready
    • What actually stands between you, your book and amazing PR
    • How to leverage what you already have to get PR and attract publishing deals
    • How to find your niche media and be a regular guest  – and leverage that to get to the big outlets

Want to register, go to: https://publishingincolor.com/publishing-in-color-online-2020/

Is writing your calling? Listen to and speak with our caring and experienced group of authors and industry veterans. You deserve a chance!! #discernment

The conference will emphasize learning “how to get published”. Participating companies will be accepting book proposals.

our daily bread publishing conference

The online conference takes place October 5-10, 2020, but don’t worry – attendees can enjoy session recordings for the following 3 months.

There are many opportunities where you can participate:

  • Keynote presentations from Joyce Dinkins (Our Daily Bread Ministries) and Melva Henderson (author)
  • Over 20 presentations from leading Christian publishing industry experts and authors
  • 6 days of content, with no overlapping presentations, so you can easily see all of the speakers. – but don’t worry – attendees can enjoy session recordings for the following 3 months.
  • Worship service
  • Live group Q&A discussions with featured speakers (via Zoom) – an opportunity for you to ask the speakers questions
  • 17 live book discussions with selected speakers (via Zoom) – an opportunity for you to learn more about our speakers’ books, to learn how they talk about their own books, and to ask them questions
  • Open mic (via Zoom)
  • Elevator pitch feedback (via Zoom)
  • “Submit your pitch” program (by email)
  • Writing resources delivered to your door

Join us, and you could be one of the ones that win a three-book deal like Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien (see her video below)

You will need a platform to get a book deal, I’ll show you how to 
do that in my Ready – Set – Go – Speak Community.