Episode 91: How to Approach Journalists with Jacqueline “Jackie” Jones, Dean of Morgan State’s School of Global Journalism & Communication

If you’ve been reaching out to journalists to get media coverage for your story, but you only hear No — if you hear back from them at all — then listen close to this episode, where you’ll hear about what makes journalists tick.

You’ll also discover what Shaquille Brewster was like as a journalism student, how Janet Cooke’s deceit impacted young black journalists, an editors’ theory on how fabricators and plagiarists get away with it, what “off the record” really means, where CNN went wrong with the Cuomo brothers, why TikTok and Google aren’t credible news sources, and why journalism is more important now than it’s ever been … and more!

Through my delightful talk with Jackie Jones, dean of Morgan State’s School of Global Journalism & Communication, you’ll learn what journalists are looking for in a source, the mistakes people make when approaching them, and how to make your story the perfect pick for any newsroom editor.


"As DeWayne Wickham likes to say, there’s too much repeating and not enough reporting.” – Jackie Jones

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Stories! Remembering Susan Watson, Detroit Free Press City Editor
  • The role of journalists when ’everyone is a media company’
  • Powerhouse! Morgan State’s top-notch communications learning lab
  • How to connect with journalists: Now vs Then
  • Don’t make these 4 mistakes when you approach a journalist…
  • True Story! MSNBC’s Shaquille Brewster as a journalism student
  • How to be a more credible source
  • 2 things that separate true journalism from citizen journalism
  • Why journalists don’t accept gifts from their sources
  • 2 kinds of stories an ethical journalist won’t write (and 3 things they won’t do)
  • Pro Tip! What speaking “off the record” really means
  • Where CNN went wrong with the Cuomo brothers
  • How Janet Cooke’s case impacted young black journalists
  • Insider’s Know: Jackie’s next big writing project


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