How to Attract Corporate Sponsors for Your Events, Books or Creative Projects (Webinar)

Would you be interested in landing corporate sponsors to fund your work?


Would you like to …

  • Reach a much bigger audience for your work almost overnight? 

  • Grow your following and business by 100-250% without spending your own money? 

  • Go on a 19-city national book, product launch or speaking tour and have most (if not all) the expenses paid for by somebody else? 

  • See your work promoted on a major corporation’s website, Facebook page and to the millions of people on their email list? 

  • Get a Fortune 500 company to buy your book by the caseload so they can give it to their employees and customers? 

  • Hitch your wagon to organizations with instant name recognition and huge infrastructures that already know how to market to their audience?

The above are not fairy tales.

These things happen all the time because countless companies and organizations sponsor authors, speakers and entrepreneurs just like you – most of whom are not well-known.

To discover how you’re invited to a special free web class this coming Thursday, July 6th. 

pam perry and steve harrison corporate sponsorship webinar

Host Steve Harrison (pictured with me above) will be interviewing an author/speaker who’s landed sponsorships with Fedex, Bank of America, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Dun & Bradstreet, Wells Fargo as well as many other companies and organizations.


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— Even If You’re Just Starting Out”

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn on Thursday:

  • The true motivations behind big corporate sponsors that provide funds you never have to pay back (once you know this it opens up an entire new world for you). 

  • Why would a sponsor ever give money to a complete “nobody” who hasn’t written a book yet or created a well-established business or cause? (On the webinar you’ll discover 12 reasons big corporate sponsors continually give money to unknowns — and if you tap into just one of these, you too can get corporate sponsorships for your book, dream or even idea). 

  • Sure-fire ways to find the companies most likely to sponsor you.
  • Want to turn your painful past into a powerful book or live event that sponsors will support?  You’ll discover how a woman with a breast cancer memoir secured sponsorships from several different companies. Plus, how another woman emerged from a painful divorce with the desire to inspire other women just like her.  She got a major company to pay for her entire event. 

  • The secret to persuading a company to give you big money, especially if you are not good at selling yourself. HINT:  Write a killer proposal that does the selling for you!  We’ll show you how. 

  • Avoid this HUGE mistake!! Most people ask for too little money.  So the companies don’t take them seriously.  With sponsors, often the bigger your dream, the better. We’ll show you exactly how much money to ask for. 

  • No book?  No problem.  While many of the people on our web class will be authors, you certainly don’t need a book to get big companies to take you seriously and fund what you’re doing.  On the web training, we’ll show you how a woman got Verizon to pay her to go around the country to speak.
  • How to get corporate sponsors to pay you to create more credibility for yourself.
  • The misconception that corporations only sponsor authors and speakers who can put on big events (the fact is many corporations get more for their sponsorship dollars from small events… as small as 25 people).
  • 5 things corporate sponsors will fund for you. (Sponsors will pay for much more than just to publish your book. Most people never realize this. During the webinar you’ll discover how to get your biggest dreams funded.) 

  • How to use a corporate sponsorship to get massive amounts of media publicity and attention (corporate sponsors want you to get media attention and will pay you to go on TV.). Hear how others have used the corporate sponsorship strategy you’ll learn on the webinar to appear in and on The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, CBS, BusinessWeek, CNBC, Redbook, Parenting, U.S. News & World Report, and Wine Enthusiast). 

  • In addition to money to fund your program and platform, four additional benefits and advantages of getting corporate sponsorship (some of these will turn out to be more valuable than the money they give you and will open up a world of new opportunities for you). 

  • How corporate sponsorships can help you get your financial life back in order

  • The “Tarnished Brand” strategy you can use to find corporate sponsors that desperately need you to go on the road for them (our expert got one of the biggest companies on earth to give her five figures by using this strategy… it’s something anyone can do throughout the year). 

  • A breakdown of the top 14 categories companies sponsor authors and speakers in (you’ll be surprised at all the opportunities available regardless what your topic is about). 

  • Some of the many fatal mistakes people make when approaching a sponsor (here’s how to avoid potential deal killers). 
  • The five most important elements of a sponsorship proposal (the sponsorship proposal is the most important but least understood part of the sponsorship process. Here’s how to create the perfect sponsorship proposal that will impress corporate sponsors so they take you seriously).

  • Five specific low-cost and no-cost strategies you can offer corporate sponsors that will let you stand out from all others trying to get corporate sponsorships (and almost nobody thinks about these simple things that can be the difference between collecting a big check or small check from your sponsor). 

  • The exact amounts of money you should ask corporate sponsors for (This is a huge mistake almost all people approaching corporate sponsors make, They don’t ask for the proper amount of money. There are four key price points you must target… and odds are, these amounts are for much more than you think you’d ever get). 

  • Two things many authors and speakers do wrong when approaching a sponsor for the first time that automatically will get them rejected for sponsorship (the good news is, they’re easy to fix). 

  • And much, much more information, tips, strategies and insight that can only come from an expert who’s sponsored by some of the biggest corporations and non profits in the nation.

Again, go here to register for Thursday’s free web class and discover how to land corporate sponsors:

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