Episode 98: How to Be Visible, Booked, and Busy

Even if there’s not much competition in your industry or market, you’ll always be competing for people’s attention online. So, I’m here to help with proven, practical tips that will get you more visibility by leveraging all the online platforms where your people hang out.

These are things I do for myself and for my clients all across the digital landscape, and I also include some warnings about what not to do — yes, I’ve already made these mistakes so you don’t have to 😉.

Listen in to hear about: how I lost 200+ podcast episodes, where you should post online for maximum visibility, my favorite digital platforms for written content and video content, 3 reasons live video podcasting is hot, the #1 problem with publishing on free platforms, how to get featured in Speakers magazine, how to be a great podcast guest, a big mistake people make when pitching to podcasts, two tips especially for authors … and more!

"For instant high-impact visibility, host or be a guest on a video podcast. It’s got everything people love — it’s audio, it’s video, and it’s live.” – Dr. Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Where you should post online for maximum visibility
  • 3 digital platforms for written content
  • 3 digital platforms for video content
  • 3 reasons live video podcasting is hot 🔥
  • Want to be visible on Google? Start here…
  • Attention Authors! Are you set up like this on Amazon?
  • Pop Quiz: What are the top 10 search results for your name?
  • The#1 problem with publishing content on free platforms
  • Oh No! How I lost 200+ podcast episodes
  • 2 ways to build up your media appearances web page
  • How to get featured in Speakers Magazine
  • How to be a great podcast guest
  • Don’t make this mistake when pitching to podcasts!
  • Attention Authors! Are you promoting your book this way…?
  • 2 ways to collaborate for increased visibility


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    You are so awesome. A true expert who has been an early adopter of new technologies. Ever evolving and empowering!

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