How to Become a Sought-After Speaker (Without Doing a TEDx Talk!)

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Dreaming of captivating audiences from stages around the world but can’t land a TEDx talk? No worries! There are countless ways to establish yourself as a top-notch speaker. Here’s your roadmap to becoming the must-have speaker everyone wants!  

Mastering PR & Earned Media: Your Trust Builders

Credibility is your best friend in the speaking world. To build it, you need consistent and positive PR. Being featured in major media outlets not only boosts your visibility but also builds trust with your audience. It’s like adding gold stars to your reputation.

Quick Tip: Craft compelling press releases about your accomplishments and pitch them to journalists who cover your industry. And always share your media mentions on your social media platforms.

oprah Social Media & Engagement: Building Your Tribe

Leaders aren’t just knowledgeable; they’re visible. Regularly share your expertise through articles, videos, and podcasts. The more you share, the more you grow your following. Aim to become the go-to expert in your niche with a highly engaged audience.

Quick Tip: Respond to comments, ask your followers questions, and be active in discussions. Engagement is key to building a loyal community.

Your Digital Presence: The Online Authority

Your website is your digital headquarters. Make sure it’s optimized to attract visitors and showcases your expertise. Think of it as your virtual stage – make it shine!

Quick Tip: Include a media page with links to your features, speaking engagements, and publications. Regular blog updates can boost your SEO and establish your authority.

Author & Speaker: The Credibility Boost

Publishing a book is a powerful way to cement your status as an authority. Books are more than just reading material; they’re credibility builders. Additionally, aim to be a contributor to relevant journals or news outlets and seek out speaking opportunities at industry events. And get in Speakers magazine to position yourself as such!

Here’s is a Speaker_OneSheet to die for – we do these one sheets for clients.

Quick Tip: Use your book as a tool to land speaking gigs. Mention your book in your pitches – it’s a great way to showcase your expertise.

Continuous Growth: Never Stop Evolving

The journey to becoming an authority is ongoing. Work with professionals to manage your reputation and discover new growth opportunities. Keep developing relevant content and assets to maintain your authority. See for assistance.

Quick Tip: Partner with a PR agency to help you navigate the media landscape and keep your name in the spotlight.

Call to Action: Ready to Shine?

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Remember, you don’t need a TEDx talk to make an impact – you just need the right strategy, a bit of coaching, and a lot of passion. Go out there and get known! 🚀✨ Captivate Audiences, Build Your Authority, and Get Booked!

Dr. Pam Perry
Award-winning communications and PR professional
Publisher of SPEAKERS MAGAZINE and host of the ‘Get Out There and Get Known’ podcast

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