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How to Create a Winning Title and Book Cover

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People judge a book by the title. Your title can have a lot to do with how successful your book and especially your Kindle eBook becomes.  And not just how good the words are, but also how it is graphically displayed.

Creating a Winning Title

It should:

  • Be catchy
  • Be memorable
  • Be relevant
  • Come up in search results for your keyword

It should also:

  • Be the right size
  • Be readablepam perry and dr suzan johnson cook

What is the “right size”?  That depends on whether the Title is more important in catching peoples’ attention… or the Cover Photo.

  • It should be professionally designed, along with the Cover Photo or art.
  • It should not be written in hard-to-read fonts such as scripts.
  • It should never mislead.
  • It should contrast (light vs. dark) with the Cover photo, if it is overlaid on it.

Use existing best sellers as aids in picking a title for your Kindle eBook.  No, you’re not going to copy them – but do use them for tips and inspiration.

Creating a Winning Cover

Don’t skimp here.  An amateurish cover can affect your sales more than any other factor.  And hire an artist experienced in creating eCovers – one with a proven track record who can point you to samples of his or her work. (I can share my resources).

Remember that your cover, especially an eCover, is most likely going to be viewed on a mobile or on a Kindle Reader, so don’t use complex photos or illustrations – all the detail will get lost.

Keep titles BIG, so they are easily readable.

Again, use contrast – light vs. dark – to showcase the most important element in the cover and make it stand out.

Case Study:  Here is an excellent example of a professionally-created cover, where the Title text is as much a design element as the graphic…

sujay cook



dr sujay

Notice that the cover actually looks more striking in its smaller format – That’s exactly what you want for a Kindle eBook cover.  The artist knows the “YOU’RE” will “disappear” more when reduced to a smaller size. And you read LIVE LIKE BLESSED. Strong words.


What’s the most important element on the page?   The celebrity subject, Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook.

Her image fills the Cover and its light tones contrast nicely with the “sky blue” background. Like angels in the sky.

Her name is as important (if not more so) as her image, so the designer has used the strongest contrast with the bolder color in the name (also the Title) – “Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook.”  And although it is a red color, it is not diluted with sky blue or gold, as are the other color at the top of the page, so it reads very strikingly.

This cover and title does an admirable job of making the reader want to check it out, to see if it lives up to its well-produced promise.  Getting your book done right is very important. Don’t go alone. Get a mentor or coach.

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