How to Generate Clients and Customers with Keywords

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I love social media because with my background in journalism, public relations and media production – creating good content comes easy.  CONTENT IS KING on the internet.

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Good content. You hear the term “content is king”, well it is. That’s one of the ways people are going to get to know you. You don’t sell the people; people don’t follow a salesperson, they follow someone who is providing good content, someone who is providing value.


You want to create good content, but one of the ways where the content can be found in the searches, primarily in Google, is that you research keywords.

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When you are doing this content creation, whether it is a YouTube and you’re doing the title of the YouTube or you’re putting in the tags in the YouTube video, you look and you research keywords.


This is a little area that I find that a lot of my clients, which are authors and nonprofits, they’re just really clueless about keywords. They have a lot of words, they have a lot of content, but they don’t know what keywords.


What are the words people are looking for? It’s really, really simple.


The psychology of it is just these are the keywords. If someone were to look for Felicia Davis, what word would they look for? What would be her competitive keywords that she wants to dominate when someone goes to their Google search engine, they put in “business coach”, they put in “life coach”, they put in “motivational speaker”, what will they put in?


There’s certain words they put in, maybe the state, “Arizona motivational business coach”. That’s a long tag keyword, so hopefully you would have come up on page one preferably, page two maybe; if you go past page two people really stop looking and put in another keyword. That’s where you go and you make sure that you find those keywords.


Creating good content, obviously you want to add value to someone’s life, you want to make sure that they understand you, get you.

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If you are a dentist, that they know that you know what you’re talking about. You’re providing good content, whether it’s tips or it’s a list of things, but you want to make sure that you’re doing that.


When I say provide keywords, people say, “Well how do you find the keywords?” There’s a little tool that Google uses that is free which is and basically you can really search the word. It’s a real simple too; it’s free, giving you good keyword ideas.

Actually click on Get Keyword Ideas once you put in your particular word, say if it’s “business coach” and then it’ll give you other keywords, too.


The keywords, you can use in your content, you also want to make sure you’re using them in your website as blog posts, tags/titles on videos, that sort of thing. Your web designer obviously should do that, but this I’m talking about just in terms of social media. This is where SEO comes in really to play.

And SEO is the next BLACK, baby! Get with it.

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