🎤 How to get booked to speak – Experts Show You How #readysetgospeak

pam perry speaks couch to podium

Have you ever felt like you have a message but you don’t know how to get booked to speak? 

lynn whitfield pam perry pr If you answered yes, then the Couch to Podium Conference is right for you. Most speakers have a powerful message but don’t know how to GET PAID to Speak. When you register for the Couch to Podium conference you will discover how to build a profitable brand as a speaker.

We are limiting this event to 100 Speakers, and we are almost sold out. Click the Link here to Register

The Couch to Podium Conference will include the following speakers November 13-14, 2020

  • Dr. Laura Louis-  How to Position Your Brand as Speaker
  • Pam Perry- The Ready Set Go Method to Getting Booked on Media 
  • Queenette Nwobodo – How to Sell Your Next High End Coaching Program 
  • Mathieu Louis- How To Get Found Online as a Speaker 
  • Sherri Sommers- Live Streaming that Will Get You Seen and Paid as Speaker
  • Natolie Warren- 3 Money Mindset Shifts to Earn More Money 
  • Dr. Shane Perrault- Building A Cash Pay Practice 
  • Kat, The Course Builder – How to Add Courses to your Business as a Solid Income Stream
  • Latasha Matthews- Boundary Setting as a Speaker
  • Lamar Tyler- 5 Keys to Closing Back of Room Sales as a Speaker
  • Che Brown- Build a Sales team without breaking the bank 
  • Arie Squires-  6 Figure Live Events 
  • Marquel Russel- Creating Speaker Funnels that Convert to Premium Clients 

 Register today! Click the Link here to Register

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