Episode 6: How to Get Known – Part 2: Get Set!

Following last week’s episode on getting Ready, it’s time to get Set before you Go and Speak!

And let me tell you, the Ready time spent on your mindset, planning, and getting clarity around what you offer (and who you offer it to) pays off in this second step, where you create and gather the marketing materials that will promote you as an author or speaker.

In phase 2 of my Ready, Set, Go, Speak! method, you’ll be working on how you appear to the world through your sizzle reel, photographs, and electronic press kit, website, and social media accounts.

Trust me, having marketing materials that are right and tight – complete, coherent, and cohesive – makes the pitching and performance in the final 2 phases as easy as pie.

Check out this episode for where your website fits in the big picture, what a ‘sizzle reel’ is and what it does for you, the tangible marketing materials you can have made plus what to include in and on them, why a photoshoot requires its own strategic plan, what to include your electronic press kit, why it has 4 bios (yes, four!) … and more!

“Once you have a book, then you have a hook (for the media).” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Why LinkedIn is my preferred social media channel
  • Do you know where your audience hangs out online?
  • Phase 2 of Ready, Set, Go, Speak! is all about…
  • How your website fits into the big picture (for more, check out DBA Podcast, ep 15)
  • Are your social media spaces a match?
  • For Speakers: Your “sizzle reel” – what it is, what it’s for, and how long it should be
  • Success Story: Rasheda Kamaria Williams’ exceptional sizzle reel
  • 4 things to include in your sizzle reel
  • Marketing materials you can create (and the key to knowing which to make)
  • What to include in and on your marketing materials
  • Why excellent photos are critical to your success
  • Why you need a strategic plan for your photoshoot
  • What to include in your electronic press kit (EPK)
  • The 4 bios –  yes, four! – that must be in your EPK
  • Big Ideas! 5 places to put your logo (including my favorite for red carpet events)
  • What you’ll gain from authoring any kind of book


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