Episode 8: How to Get Known – Part 4: Speak!

Are you tired of being a best-kept secret, but you’re having a hard time getting noticed in this noisy world?

Getting noticed by the media is a science and an art, and after 30 years as a publicist, I’m here to help you get seen and heard!

In this episode, you’ll learn about “pitching” your idea to the media – that is, presenting a newsworthy topic or your relevant expertise to see if media contacts are interested in the story you want to share. But where do you pitch to and what do you say?

Well, there are NINE types of pitches, and the one you choose to use depends on who you’re talking to, what you’re talking about, if you’re just starting out, etc.

So, listen in to hear about pitching to traditional media (tv, radio, magazines, newspapers) and learn about: all 9 types of pitches, the structure of a basic pitch and sample variations, why it’s essential that you keep an eye on the news, why self-confidence is key (plus where to get it), and why it’s totally fine if you never get on Oprah … and more.

Psst! This is the last piece of a 4-part intro to my Ready Set Go Speak! program, so be sure to check out the first 3 parts of this series:

“If you don’t A-S-K, you won’t G-E-T.” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • The 9 types of pitches
  • The structure of a basic pitch
  • Where to get confidence and how to develop a thick skin
  • How CNN, Google News, and a wall calendar will help with your pitches
  • Every pitch you send should be p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
  • Why you must know the ‘beat’ of the media contact you’re pitching to
  • Your follow-up pitch – a template and its key component
  • The perfect pitch for following up on a competitor’s/colleague’s presentation
  • Four things to include with every pitch
  • The profile pitch and why it’s ideal for authors
  • Why columnists are great people to pitch to
  • How to make the most common pitch interesting to the media
  • How event pitches differ from conference pitches
  • Why you really need a star keynote speaker for your event or conference
  • The best places to point your subject-matter-expert’s pitch
  • Why O Magazine may not be your best place to pitch
  • What’s different about pitching to a talk show
  • The biggest mistake people make when pitching podcasts
  • The perfect type of pitch for subject matter experts and thought leaders
  • When to send a query letter
  • How often you should be pitching
  • The exact steps plus the basic template for pitching your out-of-town book signing to local TV and radio


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