Episode 10: How to Get on the News – Your Personal PR Plan

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate employee, you need to be ready when it’s your time to shine.

Authors, speakers, and people in business aspire and strive to appear in the media, but even employees who work behind the scenes can find themselves pulled to the front to share their opinion, accept an industry award, or collect the prize in a local contest.

Whether or not it’s your intention, one day you might look up and find yourself on TV, the radio, or in a newspaper or magazine – like that time my photo appeared in USA Today. #truestory

And if you’ve created your personal PR plan, you’ll be one of few people who are ready for that golden moment in the media’s spotlight.

Check out this juicy episode where I talk about: networking and building strong connections with the media, what to articulate for the perfect media pitch, how to time your pitch (and where to get the confidence to do it), what media contacts really want from you (it’s not about you OR them), why follow-through is so important, how to be likable, where to focus your efforts, and more!

“There’s nothing worse than trying to pitch your PR plan and you’re not aware of what’s going on in the world.” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story! About that time I got my photo in USA Today
  • Why corporate employees AND entrepreneurs need a personal PR plan
  • The keyword in “media relations” (hint: it ain’t media!)
  • What experiences, training, and traits can you use to connect with others?
  • How to be likable in 3 simple steps
  • What intentional networking looks like (it’s so simple!)
  • How watching the news can get you on the news
  • True Story! A local contest that led to big visibility and powerful networking
  • True Story! A local ad spot bumped up to a nationwide commercial
  • How to build your confidence for pitching to the media
  • How you’ll know when you’ve done a great guest interview
  • The 3 things you need to articulate for the perfect pitch
  • The maximum number of media outlets you should connect with
  • How many times you should follow-up with a media contact
  • Why your focus should be on traditional media (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers)
  • How social media fits into all of media
  • Two ways to show your media contacts that you care about them
  • Where your political views fit into your personal PR plan


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