Episode 18: How to Get Your Story on the News with guest Bria J. Brown

Entrepreneur Bria Brown isn’t yet 30 years old, but she brings a decade of knowledge to her clients – and this show! – because she started her media career while in high school, and she’s kept it moving ever since.

From unpaid intern to print media to digital content producer, Bria’s 10+ years in the field have refined her skill with authentic storytelling. She’s learned what news stations and digital producers are looking for in a story, and now she’s here to tell YOU.

So, listen in to enjoy tales from her journey – particularly her life-changing trek to New York City to cover the Youth Over Guns march – as well as the mistakes people make when they pitch her a story, why she loves bullet points, how important photos are to your story (very), how short your story summary should be (very), why she calls press kits ‘the resumé for your brand,’ what she means by ‘Circle of Digital’ …and more!

“To break through the noise and get heard, first and foremost, you should not be focused on the Likes – you definitely have to focus on your story.” – Bria Brown

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Meet Bria J. Brown: entrepreneur, producer, and authentic storyteller
  • The unpaid college internships that opened doors in Bria’s early career
  • Bria’s life-changing experience at New York’s Youth Over Guns march
  • The challenge of filming a story on your own with very little experience
  • Which is more important: good audio or good video?
  • What you need to remember when pitching to a producer like Bria
  • Where (and how) to start the online research for your pitch
  • How long your pitch should be (hint: not 😉)
  • Exactly what to include in your pitch and how to structure it
  • What to put in your EPK (electronic press kit)
  • Bria’s “Circle of Digital” that your promo package should aim for
  • How Bria can help you get out there and get known
  • Where Bria’s work fits into Pam’s Ready Set Go Speak! method
  • How to break through the noise to get heard online
  • How Bria’s authentic storytelling brings in clients
  • What people will love to see, hear, and know about you


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