Episode 2: How to Have a Perfect Pitch When Contacting the Media

Here’s the truth: Getting media attention ain’t easy, but it is simple.

Did you know that busy journalists and producers receive 200 to 300 pitch emails every week? And you can bet they search through them quick, fast, and in a hurry ­– and that most of them go in the trash.

So, how do you make sure that your emails are among the few that are opened, read, and replied to?

Well, in this episode, I share the how and the why to what goes in a perfect email pitch, along with two other essential tips to help you cultivate a profitable relationship with your select group of media contacts.

Check out this episode for: the obvious thing that most people don’t do, the key to getting shine from the media, three places to connect with media people online, the ideal template for every email pitch, how often to pitch (and when not to), a list you need to make, a couple of questions you need to answer, a delightful success story, a special message for Black speakers about the Black press … and more!

p.s. You’ll want to put these tips to work, so listen in 👂🏽 and bring a pen 🖊

“No one starts out at the top. Start small and go big, and hit those small ones like you’re talking to a million people.” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • 3 tips for getting media attention
  • How to get your email pitch opened, read, and replied to
  • This first tip is obvious, but many people don’t take the 2 minutes to do it…
  • The key to getting the media to give you some shine
  • Do you want to be on TV? Here’s the first place you should pitch…
  • 3 places to connect with media people online
  • How to put the ‘relate’ into ‘media relations’
  • Exactly how long your email pitch should be
  • Exactly what your email pitch should say
  • How often to pitch to your media contacts – and it’s not 1 time. Or 20.
  • When NOT to pitch to a media contact
  • How many media contacts you should reach out to every single month
  • 4 specific examples of media channels you can reach out to
  • How well do you know your audience?
  • True or False? » The media will make you money
  • Success Story! Check out where Juanita Rasmus is promoting her new book
  • How you’ll know when you’ve done a great job on an interview
  • A special message for Black speakers about the Black press


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  • Pam, I really enjoyed your teaching on Media Relation helping me to understand its about more than my creativity. You are brilliant! Thanks Pam

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