How to Know if You’re Positioned to Be a Best Seller

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There’s a strategy to publishing and launching your book. There’s a recipe that makes it a best seller. My company, Ministry Marketing Solutions, has promoted well over 300 hundred books over the last two decades – so I know what ingredients make a book hit the Top of the Sales charts. Assuming the book is really GOOD – there are the other things that must be in place to reach the status of “best seller:”

All of the above is what we do for our clients.  You can’t short cut it – you need all these ingredients to make a winner! It takes about a year to set all this up to really get traction for a best seller – at the very least, six months. Anything less than that means you will launch with the limp.  My mentoring program goes over all this and gives your checklists, teleclasses, blueprints, webinars, access to me via our private FB group, videos and other resources.  It’s the best way I know how to prepare an author that is on a budget. Join it if you want to make the best use of your time and cut down time trying to “figure it all out” yourself.

 ➡  See – it’s the “secret sauce” to the recipe for a best seller campaign. I hold weekly teleclasses, if you’re a member of the mentoring group, you get full access to the recordings and the notes!

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Dr. Geneva Williams - August 29, 2017 Reply

On point. Thank you so much for this. My book will come out early next year so I will use this checklist for sure and your services! READY!

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