How to Promote An Event Without Feeling Like You’re Being Obnoxious

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When you’re hosting an event, you want it to be a success. You’ve done the all planning, picking the speakers, selecting the right decorations, photographer, music and you become the sergeant of project management.  And halfway through the process, you get weary. People are not registering as fast as you like. You suddenly begin to wonder if doing this LIVE event was such a good idea after all. Then that’s when all the panic sets in. You begin to spam your friends on Facebook, you do “FB LIVES” everyday, and post the same posts on Instagram and you send out desperate emails telling people that they have four weeks to get their tickets. (Really? Who gets tickets four weeks in advance anyway)… But my point, don’t do it. Stop. Don’t come off like that. 

Remember why you wanted to do this event: You wanted to do this LIVE EVENT because you knew it would change people’s lives. You thought it would add value to their existence in some way. You really believed if you could get people in the room they would love it and thank you for it – and tell their friends that didn’t attend that they missed out – and they must attend the  next one.



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So, how to make sure people feel compelled to get the ticket and show up? ==> Here’s an article I wrote a while back on how to get peeps in the seats. 

But for today, here are some quick tips to fill a room:

  1. Tell your list; tell your tribe FIRST way in advance (at least 3 to 6 months). Make them feel special and offer them something no one else will get. They are your “go to” crew and have been on your email list for awhile, so make sure they know they are getting the VIP notification. They are your bread and butter. Do a special webinar for them. 
  2. Cross promote with a media outlet. When you’re promoting your event, it will go flat after awhile. There’s only so many ways you can say, “come to my event” without sounding like white noise.  No matter how creative the message, it’s still YOU telling the message. That’s why you have to collaborate with others. This is why  Speakers Magazine was created. It is that “other voice” that lets people know about your event. Speakers Magazine also has a team that travels to the event and does “real time PR” & social media coverage for the event host so they don’t have worry about that and they can concentrate of the event and their guests. Connect me if you want more info. We’re picky! 🙂

3. Create Badges for Social Media for those who bought tickets. This way your guests will be your ambassadors. They will promote the event for you. Create a badge with their photo on it so they can say, “I’m Going!”  This way they can post on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Use a tool like ThunderTix.  And also, get those that bought tickets in advance, have them interact with each other in a special FB group or in an event app. Getting and keeping your ambassadors excited is a great way to keep the momentum going for your event. Do “buddy tickets” or BOGO tickets too. See the social buttons below that were created for a Speakers Magazine client, “Girl Hold My Hand” event hosted by Stormy Wellington. These buttons were automatically generated and guests could post them on their IG or FB and the event host posted them all on IG too. Success was the result!

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4.Share photos, testimonials, video footage, tweets and hashtags if your event is a repeat. But, if it’s new, show how you’re pulling it all together via an Instastory or Snapchat. Talk about the excitement of pulling it all together for the first time. Give people the “behind the scenes” pics – and talk about how it’s going to be an amazing event. Show your decoration choices, do a “tasting” of menus, show the stuff in the swag bags, give them a peek at the PowerPoint presentations…. stuff like that. Give some intrigue – do a poll on social media or email and ask opinions on stuff (get their buy-in before they buy).

5. Finally, run a contest for free tickets. Be creative. Use Facebook ads and Instagram ads. Don’t just use the IG ads and FB ads to promote tickets sales – promote the ticket giveaways (and webinars).  That makes it better than “buy a ticket” type of advertising.  Build excitement by giving away pairs of tickets and/or VIP time with your speakers or doing a free webinar. Get people excited. 

Of course your strategy is all about content marketing. Think what does your audience care about. What problem are you solving? And give them that; show them by attending your event, you’d do even more.  Have a dedicated events page, FB page and Instagram. Again, post out “user generated” content from your ambassadors and spotlight the speakers – telling people why they’re going to be fab. Do social media buttons with quotes of your speakers from previous presentations they’ve done (or youtube videos) or from books they’ve written. Photos optional. Just keep the branding the same.

Oh, did I mention, do a press release. Yes, that’s goes back to point #2 – get media cred and pub for your event.  In your press release, make sure you give a “hook” that will grab the media attention and don’t come off sounding like an ad! Publicity is everything. 

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Kindell R. Anderson - September 17, 2018 Reply

Anointed Word International Ministries is our church and we need help Marketing our events. I currently do most of the things you have pointed out but we are missing something. We are a televison ministry as well. Perhaps doing the badges, and offering free ticket packages would be appealing, most events are free. Help Please!!

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