Episode 106: How to Take Risks and Achieve Success with Roberto Candelaria

If you're looking for advice on how to be successful in business, then you need to listen to this podcast episode with Dr. Pam Perry and Roberto Candelaria. In this episode, they discuss the importance of taking risks, even when you're not sure you're ready.

Candelaria shares his story of leaving a stable job to pursue entrepreneurship, and how it eventually led to him becoming a best-selling author and successful speaker.

Dr. Perry and Candelaria emphasize the importance of building relationships, both online and offline, in order to be successful in business.

They also talk about how COVID has changed the way we do business and how it has equalized the playing field for many people. If you're looking for advice on how to be successful in business, then you need to listen to this episode of the Get Out There & Get Known Podcast!

"If we can start to believe that when it's time to make a decision that there is no right or wrong decision, that either way, we're successful. That's how you grow, because you will either win or you will learn.” – Roberto Candelaria

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story: accidently becoming an entrepreneur [00:04:44]
  • Build genuine relationships online and offline [00:12:32]
  • Point of partnerships [00:15:26]
  • True Story: How I wrote a book [00:18:15]
  • True Story: The first time creating a course [00:20:31]
  • Turning a successful opportunity and using it to network with others with similar opportunities [00:22:36]
  • Diversifying your network [00:26:12]
  • Position Partner Profit Live Event [00:27:58]
  • Engage with people online that you want to work with [00:32:05]
  • True Story: Finding a mentor sliding in the DM’s [00:32:35]
  • Be willing to be rejected [00:34:15]
  • Pop Quiz: Can it help your business to promote your competitors? [00:37:10]
  • Just show up [00:42:11]
  • Be willing to take feedback [00:43:24]
  • Position Partner Profit Live Event Details[00:49:12]
  • The Importance of being in the room [00:52:21]
  • True Story: How grief and depression made me realize I figured something out that could change people’s lives [00:57:51]


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