How to Turn Your Book into a Six-Figure Business (Podcast)

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Hear my guest, Michelle Price, as we discuss how you can get an author six-figure lifestyle business. She and I will talk about what you need to create, launch and sell hundreds of products from your book and create an online coaching program in the podcast

Who is Michelle Price? She is a social media captialist and the person who helped Mark Victor Hanson and put John Assaraf on the map.  

As Founder of  A Third Mind Digital Media, Michelle Price has been a leader in using new technologies for 20 years and has always had a keen sense for the next big thing. She uses her innate talent at identifying patterns to connect concepts and people for purpose AND profit.

Michelle quickly discovers exactly what sets an expert apart from her peers and figures out which social media conversation she can own online. Her team then brainstorms how to best leverage social media influencers to position, package and propel them as Original Thinkers (thought leaders) into their chosen online market niche. Then, increase their profits exponentially through the creation of their very own online academy.

Her clients have been featured in the movie The Secret, have made it to Oprah and have been written up in Fortune, Business Week, “O” and many others. This show will talk about how you can: 

  • Create a consistent flow of ideal clients
  • Build a marketing funnel that does the heavy lifting for you 24/7

Turn your BOOK, talent and expertise into a signature system so you can can be seen as an authority in your industry. There is a secret sauce and we will share it with you!

Join me as I led the charge for the AUTHORPRENEUR BOOTCAMP

What will the Bootcamp entail, you ask?

Over FOUR WEEKS during the teleclasses, I will:

  1. Evaluate and improve your book marketing plan, tweaking your ideas.
  2. Tailor your promotion plan, tapping into my wealth of PR strategies & secrets.
  3. Provide you with a full rolodex of the media & publishing contacts that make the difference in your book campaign. (Including how to get the best book trailer deal)

But what is going to be the game changer for you is

how to take your book and make it a business.

That’s what this Authorpreneur Bootcamp is all about!

I will show you how to:

1. Create a Sales Funnel

2. Create Products Quickly

3. Relaunch Your Book to be an Amazon Best Seller

4. Plan Your Social Media to Get Traction

5. Write and Create Sales Pages Fast

Let’s face it. Writing and publishing a book was the easy part. It is still the number one way to establish your expertise and prove your authority, no matter what niche or industry you’re in.

So, you’ve published a book. Had some good sales. Spoke at a few places. NOW WHAT?

I will teach you how to use that book to catapult a business into six figures and beyond.

It’s not just coaching, speaking or doing workbooks.

You’ll get a plan and a system… you’ll have all the recordings and access to me for 30 days after the bootcamp if you have questions! I will have “coach call in days” for you to go over your strategy. Plus you get the planners, templates, recording and checklists with tons of resources to get going now! Serious folks only. Limited space. Bonus gifts. 


It’s your time! Get going!

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P.S. As a bonus, you’ll also get the PR Coach Handbook that will “fast track” you to getting publicity and visibility online.
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