Episode 85: How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Get Media Exposure with Andrew McCaskill

You’ve heard me say how much I love LinkedIn — which I call “the grown-folks’ Facebook” — but have I told you about how I got 5,000 subscribers to my LinkedIn newsletter … in just one day? And my podcast subscribers and views/listens from there.

So you know I’m excited to have Drew McCaskill of LinkedIn with us today, and he packs in the pro tips, true stories, and insider secrets. For him, it all comes to this:

“We over-index on so many social media platforms. We make it hot in every arena where we go — Black Twitter, Black TikTok, all the things. Imagine if African-Americans over-indexed on the platform that was created for economic opportunity (LinkedIn)."  ~Drew McCaskill

Listen in and learn: how to feature your side hustle and your 9-to-5 in the same LinkedIn profile, tips for making warm connections to cooled contacts, what employers (and LinkedIn algorithms) look at first on your profile, how to get attention as a LinkedIn Creator, how my own family wins with LinkedIn, which groups you should join (and why) … and more!

"LinkedIn is the only social media platform that was created to connect people to economic opportunity.” – Drew McCaskill

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Tell Dr. Pam: Are you sleeping on LinkedIn?
  • Why you’ve got to have a robust LinkedIn profile
  • What LinkedIn was created for (and it ain’t entertainment)
  • Pro Tip! The best way to promote your side hustle or book on LinkedIn
  • True Story! I got 5,000 subscribers to my LinkedIn newsletter in 1 day
  • 2 must-dos when requesting a LinkedIn connection
  • True Story! How my daughter got great jobs through LinkedIn
  • Pro Tip! What to put in your LinkedIn summary (and why)
  • How to work LinkedIn groups + which groups you should join
  • Drew’s favorite LinkedIn features — and one has a stealth mode
  • 3 smart ways to repurpose your content on LinkedIn #smarternotharder
  • Looking for work? Here’s why that shouldn’t be a secret…
  • Pro Tip! 5 types of content that get 5-stars on LinkedIn
  • How to get high engagement on LinkedIn
  • True Story! After posting these, she got a call from Soledad O’Brien!?


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