I am Manifesting Media to Help Clients Get Out There and Shine ✨

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There is a lot to be said about the “Law of Attraction.” I personally believed in it even before the movie/book, “The Secret.” It was no secret that what you think about you bring out. Always knew that what you believe you can achieve.  There were always clues and coincidences early in my childhood that made me believe getting things I wanted was more than just “luck.” I remember winning contests at school, getting picked for special programs and being selected by teachers for prestigious tasks.  I was always grateful; and it seemed the more grateful I was – the more I received.

pam perry with nawbo awardSame with media. As an award-winning publicist for more than 25 years, I work my “magic” for my clients. Though I have the formal training and learned the PR skills, it’s actually more about leaning in and listening to my inner-voice on who to call and when. I’ve never told anyone this before because I didn’t want to seem “woo woo.”

It’s really fun doing PR.  I love it because I get excited seeing how I manifest things for my clients to get them the shine they deserve.

If I am aligned with the client, they are aligned with me – we can create media manifestations so easily and effortlessly. And the more grateful the client is, the more media they attract.  I have hundreds of media connections and I don’t treat them all the same.  When I get the hunch to call one of my contacts and pitch, typically it’s a perfect timing. Same goes true for connecting my clients to the resources they seek – always the right connect at the right time!

My formal bio has said this in a way for years:

Known as the master of connecting the right people, for the right project, at the right time – Pam Perry works hard to help her clients brand (and get paid) like a superstar.

In order for this to happen, I have certain things I pray about, practice and clear my energy so I can hear directly on what to do and who to call.  Of course, I have all the PR tools and brainstorm the right media hooks. I create the pitch, the press release – media train the clients, get their branding and online platform together so they can receive their ROI.

Manifesting media or anything else is what I do and have always done. CREATIVITY – listening to my Creator. Clients who work with me one-on-one see that “genius” in action. Amazed at how it comes together because it looks effortless – that’s just the God in me. I meditate, chose positive thoughts, and follow through on my intuition.

To manifest media, you do need skill, you need to know how to network AND you need to know how to LISTEN to your intuition. I share these secrets in my Ready Set Go Speak Membership. Clients that grasp this attract all kinds of shine.

Being focused and grateful are the keys.  The mind and body are like a battery, the more you feed it higher thoughts – the more you can manifest. Plug into the power or get around people that are “light” workers. I am one. 

My favorite saying: When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

 Ready to shine and manifest media with us? Here’s an invitation, go here, ReadySetGoSpeak.com

Pam Perry Ger out there