✊🏾 June 2024 Issue of Speakers Magazine: JJ Conway’s Juneteenth Legacy Event

JJ Conway

It’s out. It’s here. Excited!  Here’s the official release: Speakers Magazine is proud to feature JJ Conway as the June 2024 cover story, highlighting her groundbreaking work in Black financial empowerment through the Juneteenth Legacy Economic Summit. As we approach Juneteenth, a pivotal moment in African American history, Conway’s story and initiatives resonate more powerfully than ever.

A Trailblazer in Black Financial Empowerment

JJ Conway’s journey is a testament to resilience and triumph over adversity. From her early days at the Air Force Academy, where she broke barriers as the first Black physicist in the military, to her current role as a leading advocate for economic independence within the Black community, Conway’s life is an inspiring narrative of overcoming systemic racism and institutional biases.

Founding the Juneteenth Legacy Economic Summit

Conway founded the Juneteenth Legacy Economic Summit to address the persistent economic disparities affecting Black Americans.

The summit serves as a vital platform for dialogue, education, and networking, uniquely combining historical context with practical financial strategies. Each year, it brings together thought leaders and community members to explore solutions for building generational wealth and achieving financial independence.

Summit Themes and Highlights

The 6th Annual Juneteenth Legacy Economic Summit will cover a range of critical themes, including:

  • The Corporate Plantation of Black Entertainment: Navigating and dismantling systemic exploitation in the entertainment industry.
  • Building Legacy Businesses: Creating businesses that succeed financially and contribute positively to the community.
  • Legacy Investing During Turbulent Times: Strategies for investing that withstand economic fluctuations.
  • Overcoming Disparities in Healthcare: Addressing the financial impact of healthcare disparities on personal wealth.
  • The Crisis of Black Education: Tackling educational barriers that affect economic outcomes and exploring equitable solutions.

Personal Triumphs and Financial Philosophy

JJ Conway’s personal journey from facing a staggering $845,000 in debt to achieving financial freedom underscores her commitment to sustainable wealth-building strategies. Rejecting quick fixes like bankruptcy, Conway emphasizes an abundance mindset, customized financial planning, and resilience. Her financial turnaround is a powerful testament to the efficacy of her methods, which she shares generously at her summit.

Impact and Vision

Conway’s impact is widely recognized, with accolades such as the National Society of Black Physicists Lifetime Award. Looking ahead, she envisions the Juneteenth Legacy Economic Summit growing into an even more influential force, continually adapting to address emerging economic issues facing the Black community. Her ultimate goal is to equip Black families with the knowledge and tools necessary for building and sustaining wealth across generations.

Join the 2024 Juneteenth Legacy Economic Summit

The upcoming summit promises to be the most comprehensive yet, delving deeper into systemic issues and providing actionable strategies for wealth-building in challenging economic climates. Conway’s relentless drive to challenge the status quo and offer real solutions will make the 2024 summit a pivotal event for all attendees. Dr. George C. Fraser and Dr. Boyce Watkins are some the speakers.

For more information about the Juneteenth Legacy Economic Summit and to join this transformative event, visit JuneteenthLegacy.com.

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