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At this Media Summit, I will talk with All-Star Black journalists about their career, beat and newsroom pressures today.  The climate for black journalists is very intense. Diversity is really needed in the newsroom and #blackspeakersmatter.  I will probe to see how  Black speakers and subject matter experts can make their job easier – and get their stories told. 

I will ask each media pro how many pitches, press kits and DMs they deal with weekly; what they like and don’t like about each one.

Why the Media Summit:

 ➡  Journalists may be missing good stories. Many Black experts and speakers don’t know how to get stories to the right person.
 ➡ Black speakers and authors spend hours per week trying to locate media contacts and pitching journalists – and the journalists can tell in a few seconds if a pitch is relevant to them.

Here’s the mission, focus: 

  • How to Get Media Attention
  • What Makes Newsworthy Story
  • Why Your Story Won’t Get Picked Up
  • What Makes a Powerful Press Release
  • How to Deliver a Pitch and When
  • What Things Drives the Media Crazy
  • Learn the News Ecosystem & News Cycles
  • What are the Basic Rules to Getting on TV
  • How to Build Relationships with Media
  • How to Become a Trusted Source & Return Guest
  • The Number One Thing Every Journalist Wish Your Knew
  •  Learn the Roles of an: Editor, Reporter, Assignment Editor, Producer, Segment Producer, Program Manager, MMJ and an Anchor

Sign up free for this event at www.pamperrypr.com/virtualmediasummit 

media summit nabj pam perry

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Sherri Mercer - September 29, 2020 Reply

Hello Ms. Perry. I attended the Friday night session of Virtual Media Summit but was unable to attend the Saturday sessions. Will video of those sessions be available for viewing in the near future? I found Friday night to be very informative and look forward to viewing the Saturday line-up. I look forward to viewing your upcoming session in the Publishing in Color Conference.

    Pam Perry - October 18, 2020 Reply

    Hi Sherri! The videos are in my program: ReadySetGoSpeak.com
    You can join here: https://www.pamperrypr.com/ready and get a whole
    lot more too…. hope to you see you in our community!
    God bless!

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