Let’s Keep it Real: Real Talk with Elder Coylette and Pam Perry [Podcast]

pam perry podcast
 Pam Perry, the chief visionary of Ministry Marketing Solutions, was interviewed by one of her members of the mentoring group, Elder Coylette,  who is the host of the It’s Real Radio Talk Show podcast! The two discussed how to break through the clutter and noise of social media and why it’s important to be authentic to build a brand that matters and makes money.
Pam also talked about her early beginnings 18 years ago and how no one “got her” and how she kept going despite the lack of role models in the African American Christian Market. She is the trailer blazer in ministry marketing who crafted PR campaigns for best-selling author clients like Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Bishop Charles Ellis, Taffi Dollar and Dr. Fred Price. 
The two dropped a lot of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration for anyone who wants to brand better, leverage publicity to build their platform and use social media more effectively. Listen up and share it out. Would love your feedback. Comment below.
To listen to the full interview, please click below
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