Episode 79: How to Leverage TV to Build Your Brand with Remi Jones of RemiTV

Everybody loves TV! They love to watch TV, and they love appearing on TV because being on television is the next best thing to being in the room with your audience.

Podcasts are great because people can hear you, but video is even better because they get to see you, too.

So, if you’re eager to leverage TV to build your brand – and from my recent poll, most people are – then you’ll love this episode with journalist, TV host, and executive producer Remi Jones, who developed her own media company to spotlight the changemakers in our black community.

We talk about the big picture and the nitty-gritty details, including: where to get funding for your show (RemiTV’s funding source may surprise you!), the benefits of being seen on TV, why some people will never do video, how to prepare your guest (or yourself) for showtime, where you should look first for show sponsors, pro tips and ideas for being broadcast-ready … and more!

"It shows on camera if you’re uncomfortable, if you’re nervous – it shows. So, I like to make people comfortable … I think it’s important.” – Remi Jones

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Poll Results! Where people want to get their media
  • Why TV is the more impactful way to connect
  • True Story! From shy paralegal student to TV host and podcaster
  • Remi’s first step when interviewing a guest
  • Why some people aren’t into doing video
  • Pro Tips! Style guide to show up and shine on TV
  • Here’s what to wear for your TV spot (and why)…
  • Where Remi found funding for her show
  • Her top 3 show expenses + 2 more things that cost
  • Two sponsorship ideas
  • True Story! The inspiration behind every episode
  • What you get with your appearance on RemiTV
  • What you’ll need to bring to it
  • Your lowest hanging fruit when looking for sponsors
  • The best way to contact Remi with your pitch


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