Episode 22: Live on Purpose and Get PR with Media Strategist Karen Taylor Bass

When you leap into your new thing, don’t leave your decades of experience and hard-won credibility behind! The key is to blend the old and the new, to remix what you did with what you’re doing.

If you’ve been wanting to meet someone who pivots with purpose, you’ll love this chat with friend and colleague Karen Taylor Bass of TaylorMade Media, who left success in the corporate arena for success as an entrepreneur, and now she’s merged those experiences into success as a yoga instructor.

Different realms, different work, but she’s served the same purpose through it all – ensure that people are seen and feel seen by the communities they represent.

Listen in to hear the truth about life/work balance, living authentically, the expiration date on that corporate treadmill, where you’ll find your soul wealth, pivoting with forgiveness, what you gain in your 50s and 60s (besides weight lol), creating success from disappointment, relationships and collaboration, mixing wine and wellness, and how sitting still can get you further and faster than racing forward … and more!

“Every situation prepares you for the setup... It’s during those challenges where you really dig in and live the life that you’re supposed to lead.” – Karen Taylor Bass

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • The thing about living authentically
  • Why Karen’s corporate treadmill had an expiration date
  • Karen’s post-partum push and pre-pandemic pivot
  • The 3 books that mark Karen’s life pivots
  • The truth about life/work balance
  • Where you’ll find your soul wealth (and it ain’t on Amazon!)
  • Forgiveness is key to a life pivot or remix, and here’s why…
  • What our 50s and 60s have for us that our 30s and 40s don’t
  • The disappointing experience that sparked a successful life remix
  • Pivot! PR isn’t the only way for Karen to serve her purpose
  • The story behind Soulful Yoga Day
  • The strength in relationships and the power of collaboration
  • When sitting still will get you farther than racing forward
  • Five questions to ask yourself about your brand
  • Remix! Where wellness and wine fit perfectly together


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