Episode 78: Marketplace Ministry Through Purpose and Passion with Tamra Andress, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host

If you’ve had a hard time discovering your purpose or choosing your path because you have so many interests, hobbies, and skills, then you are what they’re calling a multi-passionate, and this episode is all for you.

My guest, Tamra Andress, has unapologetically shaped a purpose from her passions and centered her faith in her business. But she didn’t start out that way – a moment of profound hurt pushed her to abandon the hustle and find her true success.

Tamra has combined her gifts, skills, passion, and faith for a purpose with the clarity (and financial profit) that I want for you, so listen in and learn: how marketplace ministry creates opportunities for you serve without a pulpit, my “junk drawer” method for finding your purpose, what a Jim Carrey movie can tell you about identity, how hiring a coach will accelerate your business … and more!

"You don’t really discover purpose; purpose discovers you.” – Tamra Andress

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • About being unapologetic in your business and faith
  • The truth about finding your purpose
  • True Story! The hustle can earn a lot, but it will also cost you…
  • Would your life pass The Tombstone Test?
  • What to do with your many interests and passions
  • Why you need a coach (even if you are a coach)
  • Marketplace Ministry: from coffee table to Clubhouse to conventions
  • True Story! Career + Life Experience = A New Purpose
  • Why women-focused businesses shouldn’t ignore men
  • What a publicist can and can’t do for you
  • My “Junk Drawer” method for finding purpose in your passions
  • 2 unexpected places Tamra connected with book publishers
  • What success really means
  • Pro Tip! The #1 way to qualify and clarify your audience


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