Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. Was Started to Give Ministries a Voice in the Marketplace

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In 2000, God dropped in my heart to apply the same marketing, public relations and branding principles I used with major corporations with churches, nonprofits (with a ministry-mission) and Christian speakers and authors.  I even wrote a book that went on and sold thousands of copies. This lead to me appearing on as a regular guest on radio and TV shows talking about ministry marketing.  I began writing for Gospel Today on the importance of social media marketing in churches and have inspired a generation of “ministry marketers” like: 

  1. Robin Warerobin ware
  2. Jessica Taylor jessica taylor mosley
  3. Taquinda Johnson (T. Marie)T. Marie Johnson

This month I was nominated as a Brand Strategist of the Year, for the Lifetime Achievement Award. WOW. Now, I’m not hardly done. But what I can say is that I’m honored because in the end, what truly matters is what you legacy you leave. Who you inspire with the gifts that God gave you and how you put to use the ideas that He birthed in you.  Robin, Jessica and T. Marie are my mentees. They have fabulous careers and I’m so proud of them. What are you doing to inspire and mentor the next generation? 

Here’s a video from a former client, I promised to showcase all my “success stories”… this is Charlotte Howard from a recent FB LIVE (note she was in the Carolina’s so the storm was coming)

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