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Wealthy Conversations for your soul. This show is an enlightening, insightful, 30-minute conversation with amazing people to help listeners nurture their own souls and live their best lives. Guests range from thought leaders in health, PR, faith, politics, finance, mentorship, and community advocacy to mental health, music, entertainment, social justice, education, and leadership. “Soul Wealth” not just a brand — it is also a “lifestyle” of vision, compassion, authenticity, abundance, and legacy created one conversation and one choice at a time.

Get ready for your life to change again! Dr. Vikki Johnson is a transformational speaker, chaplain, and best-selling author of 12 books. Her most recent book, “Soul Wealth: Finding Vision, Compassion, Authenticity, Abundance, And Legacy In The Midst Of Chaos,” was released a few years ago.

Our soul is the seat of our emotions. Frequently, we live layered lives because over time we start to exist or do just enough to survive. Many have lost their drive or passion to ascend to greater and have settled for “whatever.” This book explores the condition of our souls, examines the true state of our lives, and has prompts to set goals to manifest or strengthen emotional wellness, making room for perpetual peace, love, bliss. Dr. Vikki started Girl Talk Unplugged in 2000 and has since transformed the lives of over a half million women via multiple media outlets. In 2014, her passion for empowering women evolved into SOUL WEALTH!

Dr. Johnson is an Emmy Award-winning media professional with over 35 years in entertainment & 20 years in marketplace social impact; a graduate of Howard University; a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment (NABFEME), and the Women’s Speakers Association (WSA).

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Dr. Vikki Speaking Topics:

  • Soul Wealth: Turning Compassion into Abundance
  • The Power of Sisterhood
  • LeadHERship: When a Woman Leads
  • Positioned for Greatness: Life without Limits
  • The 3C Formula for Good Success
  • Keys to Living Authentically & on Purpose
  • Getting from Here to There
  • Purpose: The Real Work/Life Balance
  • The Difference between Contentment and Complacency

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