New Book by Christian Cook: Growing in the Gray – Hits Amazon Bestseller List 📚

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Creative writer Christian Cook pens Growing in the Gray.  The Columbia College Chicago graduate with a decade in the marketing business is delving into the world of young adult literature with a strong female lead who is finding her way through the perils and pitfalls of life.  She was recently featured in SPEAKERS MAGAZINE. 

In this timeless novel, readers follow the life and times of Krista Clark, a young college student searching for herself while longing to stretch her wings and fly. As the book opens, our heroine learns that her once cushy lifestyle has been upended. Her parents are suddenly financially devasted, and now she must juggle her new normal. Readers can feel her pain as Krista recalls, “I went from a room with crown molding along the ceiling and walk-in closet to a space that was the equivalent of an underground storage unit.”

Fans of young adult fiction will instantly fall in love with Krista Clark. Her witty banter with her love interest, Victor, brings back the feelings of first loves and college crushes. Those lazy days walking the campus, studying for finals, and having the financial rug pulled out from under you, are all too familiar themes for students. Now, Christian captures the innocence and the intensity of those trying times in “Growing in the Gray.”

Christian Cook masterfully walks us through the twists and turns of this character as she embodies the total young adult experience. On the one hand, she is over 18 and considered an adult, but on the other hand, she still needs the support of family and friends. Every 20-something has that moment where they have responsibilities, yet they still live with their parents. It is a delicate balance, and Christian unveils these college-aged internal struggles where external pressures and questions abound.

In “Growing in the Gray,” our protagonist finds strength by turning to her faith which is a crucial component of the evolution of our leading lady. According to Christian, every adventurer comes to a crossroads in life where decisions make or break us.  In this sweeping tale, we watch as Krista falls on her faith for comfort and direction.

On every page, Christian reminds readers that “Faith at its very definition is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things unseen.” Christian’s characters are infused with faith and the knowledge that the Lord orders the steps of a righteous man (or woman). “She believed she could move away and create a name for herself while using her relationship with God as her compass,” says Christian.

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“Growing in the Gray” is the perfect read for this fall “back to school” mindset since it tackles themes of struggle, including loneliness, heartbreak, fear, and even how to pay for college. Our heroine leaves her small-town confines behind for the draw of the bright lights of the big city. As Krista navigates the nuances of a new life and maybe a new love in Chi-town, readers have a front-row seat to the rollercoaster ride and her faith walk. “Growing in the Gray” is a must-read for young people grappling with the next steps in their lives.

About Christian Cook: A world traveler, Christian discovered her true passion for writing on a college trip to Paris, France. In the City of Light, she developed her love for the art form while honing her writing skills. Her journeys through life lead her to this moment where she pulls on her past to propel her characters into their destinies. Her novel “Growing in the Gray” is sure to encourage a soul and spark a movement to step out into the gray areas and see how God opens the path before you. More info, visit 

Growing in the Gray – after first week – debuted in the top 20 of all book on Amazon in the YA Fiction category!  Congrats Christian.

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Watch her breakout interview on The Reading Circle with Marc Medley. 


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