Episode 92: Getting a Job in & Pitching to the News Media with Ken Lemon, WSOCTV Reporter

Have you wanted to work in the news media? Well, the word from Ken Lemon — TV reporter and 30-year veteran of the news industry — is that The Great Resignation (aka The Big Quit) had a notable impact on them, too, and there are plenty of openings.

There are so many opportunities available that they’re willing to train you if you’re coachable — no experience required.

That’s just a taste of the insider info you’ll find in this episode, where we also cover: a hard truth about the glamorous jobs in broadcast news, what every reporter wants to hear in your media pitch (and a good reason your great story didn’t air), how to get in touch with journalists and reporters online, why PR pros should join the National Association of Black Journalists, the 2 childhood interests merged to become Ken’s lifelong career … and more!

"If you’re doing PR out there, one of the best ties is to be a member of NABJ” – Ken Lemon

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story! When a love of politics meets love for acting
  • The truth about the glamorous world of broadcast news
  • Your Media Pitch: How it’s caught by a reporter
  • What every reporter will ask about your pitch
  • Award Winner: Reporting that captures a moment
  • 3 ways reporters uncover great stories
  • 3 reasons your great story won’t make the cut (hint: it’s not about you)
  • 3 places to contact media pros online
  • Why Ken prefers Twitter over Facebook
  • Networking Tip: Join member groups of adjacent industries
  • How NABJ advocates for blacks targeted by media bias
  • What’s Now: About NABJ’s Black Male Media Project
  • What commitment to your cause looks like
  • Ken’s advice for young journalists
  • Want a job in journalism? This is the time to apply, and here’s why…


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