No More Whack DIY Websites…Outsource to the Experts and Improve Your Brand Image

When you’re first starting out in business, it’s quite easy to fall into the trap of not wanting to spend extra money and wanting to do everything yourself. Entrepreneurs want to keep their startup costs to a minimum and you figure that if you can set things up yourself that you’re actually saving money by not hiring an extra person. I get it.

The problem with this thinking is that you’re actually losing money by doing everything yourself because you can’t possibly be an expert at everything. Also, if you’re busy doing behind-the-scenes tasks for your business, then you’re taking your focus away from your clients and other money-making tasks. It’s time to outsource.

One such area that people think is so easy to do themselves is their website. Between drag-and-drop website builders and easy-to-learn WordPress or WIX, it’s easy to think you can create your own website; but without that special web design talent and natural artistic talent for pairing colors, you’re website will look elementary and will lack the panache your target clients are seeking.
kim brook sYour website is very often the first glimpse people see of your business so do you really want them to think you’re too cheap to invest in a well-designed website?
Like it or not, people will judge your business based on your website; one look might prevent visitors from calling you, even if you may be the perfect coach to help them.
Hire a qualified web designer to overhaul your website with a modern, clean design and branding elements.
Insert Your Branding Throughout Your Website
Think about when you visit a new website; what page do you start on? What elements catch your eye first? How do these elements portray the brand message? Even if you’re not consciously thinking about these things, there’s always a concrete reason why you click away from a site to continue your search and the same is true for your visitors.
So, start at page one of your site and take notice of the elements that need updating.
1. Your header. A website designer can integrate your brand colors and design elements to make a professional, eye-catching header that will subconsciously encourage people to keep reading your home page.
2. Your headshot. Whether it’s included in the header or used in a sidebar, visitors are more at ease seeing a person’s face and knowing that you’re a real person. A professional headshot also adds a personal touch to the site; your visitors will see you as approachable and know that they will actually reach you if they call, instead of being put into a vicious voicemail cycle.
3. Your opt-in box. Don’t think you’re stuck with a boring old sign up box design. Your web designer can easily integrate a design to make your opt-in stand out even more. A word of advice: if you’re not building your list yet, you need to start!
4. Your author’s signature box. Utilize the end of every blog post to include your author information and a call to action. Insert your brand colors and/or a different headshot photo that still conveys your brand message. Convince your readers why YOU are the coach they’ve been searching for. The key here is to keep the verbiage to a minimum but also include a link: to the opt-in offer, a waiting list, or to your signature class or book. Use a varied version of this author’s box, too, when you write articles for other companies as a guest blogger.
Now it’s Time to Update Your Branding Images…here’s a planner to keep you organized==> Pam Perry Branding Accelerator Photoshoot Planner
Updated branding images go hand-in-hand with an updated website, so let’s get your photoshoot booked! If that’s a foreign concept to you – or you didn’t have the best experience the last time you had a photo shoot – my Branding Photo Shoot Planner is exactly the tool you need. I’ve laid out a step-by-step plan for staying organized and for hiring a photographer. Simply follow the steps, take lots of notes, and ask lots of questions of your photographer candidates and you’re sure to have a hard time choosing images because they’ll all look so wonderful.
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