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“Is There a Book in You?” Publishing Call for Aspiring and Future Bestselling Authors Hosted by National Bestselling Author, Kim Brooks and Her Dream Team including:

  • Pam Perry – PR Coach & Internet Marketing Consultant,
  • Skyla P. Thomas – Chief Editor and CEO of Pleasant Words
  • LaTanya Orr – CEO of Selah Branding and Design, llc

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This special coaching call on publishing, hosted by Kim Brooks, will cover:

*How to maintain the rights to your book to make sure no one steals your ideas.

*The pros and cons of self-publishing vs. signing a book deal with a traditional publisher to help you determine which route you should take.

*The different costs associated with publishing your book and how you can publish it today for a fraction of what it cost 9 years ago due to advanced technology.

*How to effectively market your book on a budget.

*How you become an instant business owner when you self-publish your book and 3 things you must do now to legitimize your business and protect your personal assets.

*2 ways you can author a book without your writing a single sentence.

*How to publish an ebook and put it up for sale in less than 48 hours and how to determine its price.

*What you must do now at no or low cost before your book is released to ensure its overall success.

*How, once you have your cover and content you can have your book published for absolutely Free.

*7 Secrets to Success in the Publishing World.

*How building your brand and platform could land you a lucrative book deal.

*How the publishing game has changed since 9 yrs ago and how you can still get in the game and win!

…and so much More! Go to

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  • Hello, I was truly blessed by the podcast above. I have a question, where can I purchase the podcast of when you all did “There is a book in you” if it’s available? I missed it.

  • Pam Perry says:

    Thanks Mattia. Glad you enjoyed it. Go to and get the cd “what every Christian author should know” there.

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