Episode 80: Personal Branding Tips to Boost Your Message in the Media

These days, it takes more than a nice logo to get your business out there and get it known. Now you have to put yourself out front – your story, your journey, and your authentic self – so there’s a real person for fans and followers to connect with.

That’s the heart of personal branding, and whether you need to learn the basics or dig a little deeper, this talk with Lewis Schenk of Boost Media has what you’re looking for.

You’ll get our definitions of keywords like branding and authenticity, then we’ll go deeper with the pillars of your personal brand, the importance of investing in yourself, and why storytelling is the best way to convey your message.

So listen in and learn: the key to giving unforgettable presentations, how we get stuck in certain seasons of our lives, the difference between marketing and branding, why people are more attracted to personal brands, how being a conference junkie helped build my business, plus our stories on the impact of PR … and more!

"The difference between branding and marketing: Marketing is asking someone out on a date, but branding is the reason they say yes.” – Lewis Schenk

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • When practice does NOT make perfect
  • Lessons from Lewis’ quarter-life crisis
  • True Story! A single newspaper article funds an entire project #prworks
  • 3 ways to leverage your featured article
  • What branding is and does for you and your business
  • Why people are more attracted to personal brands
  • How the pillars of your brand keep you congruent
  • What to invest in before investing in your brand
  • True Story! The incredible but forgettable speech
  • The keys to building your brand like Jesus Christ and Barack Obama


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