Episode 68: Pitching the Media, Then and Now with NABJ Hall of Famer Neil Foote

Do you remember when Tom Joyner was collecting frequent flyer miles by the million as the Fly Jock? How about dial-up internet, pagers, and a world without cell phones?

Now here we are, hyperconnected by social media while disconnected by a pandemic. #smh

Well, the game has certainly changed, but the fundamentals of PR and journalism have stayed the same for the 40+ years I’ve been in the business, so this episode is for you if you want to hear what still works, what no longer works, and what never worked for getting media publicity.

 Join me and National Association of Black Journalists Hall of Famer Neil Foote for a talk on using old-school journalism and new-school media for timeless storytelling. You’ll hear about: The key PR question that hasn’t changed (and probably never will), 4 things you HAVE to do when pitching your story to the media, what to do when the answer is No, why getting PR means becoming a student of the news, the BIG challenge facing young journalists today, what it’s like to work with Tom Joyner … and more!

"The fundamentals of pitching to the media go down to two words: So What. You’ve got to tell me why I should care about who you are.” – Neil Foote

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story! How to make the most of your college years
  • Success Story! Pressing pause on work to go back to school
  • What journalists consider “The Dark Side”🤣
  • Neil’s work with Fly Jock Tom Joyner
  • Why black people need their own organizations and to be in executive positions
  • The BIG challenge facing young journalists today
  • On storytelling: Old-school channels vs new-school media
  • The 4 fundamentals of journalism, then and now
  • Success Story! One out of 200
  • Why you don’t always need a publicist these days
  • The fundamentals of pitching the media … in just 2 words
  • Pro Tip! 4 things you gotta do when pitching your story to the media
  • Times have changed, but this key PR question has stayed the same…
  • Pro Tip! What to do when their answer is No
  • Want PR? First, you need to become a student of the news…


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