Episode 25: Pivot for Success with Marketing Maven Amy S. Hilliard

Back in the day, turning 60 was the beginning of the end. Folks retired from their jobs then went and sat down somewhere. Nowadays, our 60s is a time to start really living, not to start dying.

These days, plenty of people are stepping into their 50s, 60s, and 70s with a passion-driven purpose, whether it’s something from childhood that’s stayed with them or something new that’s working for them now.

If you’ve been wondering what to do with your life next – or what to do with your life now – then you’ll love this talk with reinvention specialist, Amy S. Hilliard, a graduate of Howard and Harvard; former corporate executive, now an award-winning serial entrepreneur featured in Fortune, Black Enterprise, and Essence; lifestyle blogger at Sizzling After 60; and the author of two books endorsed by Michelle Obama.

Listen in to hear about: the mindset that will help you age without getting old, 3 things that shape your life’s ideal path, why you shouldn’t throw aside your anger, where to look for your purpose, the challenges and risks behind Amy’s success, how faith and prayer impact everything she does, how touching death changed her life … and more!

“At this point in my life, I want to grind less and glide more.” – Amy S. Hilliard

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Turning 60 no longer means sitting down or being left behind
  • The mindset that has Amy aging like a fine wine (instead of getting old)
  • How the pandemic drove Amy’s new book, Pivot for Success
  • Your three steps for pivoting with success
  • True Story! Amy’s story is full of challenges, like that time when she…
  • Faith’s part in Amy’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Here’s how Amy’s mom inspired the Sizzling After 60 website
  • What Amy does before doing anything – and why
  • How Amy is still standing after being laid off, foreclosed on, and bankrupted
  • True Story! How 10-year-old Amy got a lock on her babysitting market
  • 3 ways to be driven by your passion
  • The trip to the funeral home that changed Amy’s life
  • Why you shouldn’t throw aside your anger
  • Where to find clues to your purpose
  • The 3 things that shape your life’s ideal path


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