PR Coach Advice: Your Credibility and Experience is the Key to Business Growth

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Today I did a teleclass for my mentoring group on the “Top Ten Things That Can Ruin Your Brand Online.”  Branding is all about trust. Trust equals business.

Think about the last time you hired a contractor, either for your business or to do something around your home. Did you look for the lowest price, or did you look for someone with experience? Did you check the contractor’s references, or just take his word at face value?

You likely have heard the old adage, “you get what you pay for,” and usually, when you hire someone simply based on the lowest price, you’ll get someone who’s not as experienced as the higher-priced contractor. Lack of experience can lead to mistakes, and sometimes they are costly. And let’s face it, not everybody is as honest as you are, so if you’re not checking references, you might get scammed.

What’s the lesson here?

Successful businesses stay afloat when they gain years of experience and build their credibility with their audience. These business owners learn from their own mistakes, adjust the way they do business when something doesn’t work, and are willing to share their knowledge with their clients prior to being hired.

Fans will flock to businesses with a good track record and good customer reviews. It stands to reason that an influx of customers means hiring more team members and making more sales, thereby growing your business.

Now let’s put YOU into this equation. You should always charge what you’re worth because if you undercut your competition, that will bring in the tire kickers who aren’t serious customers and may still ask you for a discount. This is not the audience base that will allow your business to grow.

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You should also showcase your expertise online and offline. Never be afraid to market yourself because you can’t control the search engine rankings and you don’t want to depend on ‘hope’ marketing. That’s a very passive way to run your business; HOPING that people will find you. Be visible online and offline, be vocal, tell people what you do, share your experiences, offer advice. THIS will build your credibility and you will gain more visibility, thereby gaining new followers and potential new clients.

No matter what stage of business you’re in today, whether you just opened your doors or have had a string of clients for years, today is the day to concentrate on building your credibility and sharing your expertise with the world.

This is no time to be a wallflower, especially if you have big dreams of growing your team, hitting a certain income milestone, selling a certain number of products, or booking a guest appearance on The Today Show. Be proud of your success and plan on sharing it with your audience.  

Here’s a video that may help you get in the mindset to get out there and show you how to promote yourself and get more business. 

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