PR is not Branding but You Need a Brand to get PR

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I know everyone wants to have homeruns right out the park …but let’s “batter up.” In reality, the world of media is VERY competitive. And they really want those with a platform already “formed.” It’s a ladder to success and you go up one rung at time. No one is “an overnight” success. It takes time, effort and consistency. You can ask any celebrity how long it took to be a success – it was years. So, remain patient, prayerful and follow the rules! 


  1. We don’t strive to get big media hits before we have little media hits. If it were easy to get into Ebony, Essence or on Oprah and Tavis – then everyone would be doing it. It’s a slow build. Steady but sure. Being consistent is the key and being grateful for any and every media hit you get. Start Local, then regional, then national. Be consistent with your local media. Go to your key audiences first! Build up your media hits slowly but surely.

Media begats media! (Repurpose your media, if you were on the local TBN – get a clip of that and put it on Youtube asap and email it out and put on your blog and everywhere you can! Also, if you had an article in Gospel Today, send it out again to your list and post on your blog with the Gospel Today masthead this time) BE CREATIVE YET THINK STRATEGIC!!
(tools to use: twitter, Instagram, FB pages and linkedin…connect, join groups and engage with them. Read, watch and listen…and jump at opportunities when you see them…most producers are looking for guests and use HARO too)

2. You must be noticed by the search engines if you want to be noticed by media. Have a “following” or a “fan base.” You must have a website and after the call yesterday – everyone is going to have a blog, right! That’s PR 2.0! 
3. You must have a platform, speaking topics and a match your book to the media audience. So that means…doing your homework. Studying the media. Reading the media. Responding to newspaper/magazine articles via letter to the editor. Or calling into talk shows and voicing your “expert” opinion. How can you expect to go on a national show when you have never even seen the inside of a local radio station or called in to one?
4. Have a “look.” Be the best you can be. Brand yourself. Never let anything go out in the internet world that is not your absolute best. That means words, photos or videos. Search engines pick up everything (even TWEETS).
5. Line up your press kit. Your bio, facts sheets, interview questions. Be ready when they call. Be over prepared. When they ask if you have a bio, fact sheet, release, book synopsis, interview questions or whatever – you can confidently say “YES.” You will then become a media darling. Because you’re prepared.

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Those that show up, go up!