Episode 90: PR Pro Tips with Powerhouse Publicist Jojo Pada of Ignition PR

Whether you want to hire a publicist or become one, you’ll love my shoptalk with powerhouse publicist Jojo Pada of Ignition PR, who has been in this business nearly as long as I have — and that’s 30 years, okay?

We talk about PR careers from start to finish — the journalism degree that’s great to have (but not required), the pivots and repositioning from one job to the next, the amazing people we’ve met and been mentored by along the way, and the retirement of a black PR pioneer.

So, lean back and listen in for: the 5 things all experienced publicists (and their clients) know, what you need to hire a publicist or become one, the best old-school ways to connect for success, our take on the PR for ’The Slap heard ’round the world,’ why social workers can make great publicists, and how kindness and persistence pay off, plus why we love small steps, small venues, and small ideas …  and more!

"If the whole pie is your marketing, PR is just a piece of it, and there’s so many other things to allow you to be successful. I encourage everyone to think that through. We’re not going to wave a magic wand and you’re a star the next day." – Jojo Pada

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story! Working with the great Terrie Williams
  • 3 old-school ways to offer a personal touch
  • 5 reasons a social worker can be a great publicist
  • True Story! The world’s longest short-term gig😊 
  • What you’ll need to become a publicist (and it ain’t a journalism degree)
  • Pro Tip! The skills that have made Jojo a powerhouse publicist
  • Perfect Example: How to spin hot news for your upcoming event
  • This partnership is the key to PR success…
  • Pro Tip! How small steps arrive at big results
  • Why you should value every media connection
  • 5 things all experienced publicists know
  • What to expect when you hire a publicist
  • What you need in place before hiring a publicist
  • True Stories! Coming up with a brilliant business name
  • Why you should never sleep on your small ideas


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