PR Success Stories Series: Ken Brown, Kim Brooks, Lucinda Cross

As a publicist, you start at the bottom, just like in any career. You start with assignments to “prove yourself” or to “pay your dues.” In a public relations career, that usually means taking on the less glamorous accounts and doing  a lot of digging and begging to get media for those clients that are less well-known. I’ve done my share of pitching stories to the media and trying to find stories and fix up clients to make them presentable for the media take notice. It’s hard work. But you know what? That’s what I enjoy. I love that the most.
I’ve worked the the famous – from brands like McDonald’s to TD Jakes – and yes, I always get a call back from the media. There’s no real thrill in that for ME. The real joy and fulfillment is taking someone who really has a message that they want to share and yet no one has heard of them.  That’s my gift. That’s where I shine. I see raw potential in people. I know how to take diamonds in the rough and make them shine. Long as a person is coachable – and has the right heart – we’re good. I am a PROMOTER OF PEOPLE. Whether, I share a resource, put you on a podcast, write about you on a blog, do a video about your book or connect you with the right people – I use my influence as a publicist to get people known. I love making people famous so they can do good in the world and fulfill their divine destiny and purpose. I am a promoter of people. That’s my purpose – and my gift from God.
Here are some examples…

  1. Ken Brown – when I met Ken, I was doing publicity for McDonald’s at a PR agency in Detroit. He owned three McDonald’s franchises and wanted to write a book. I saw his vision. I believed in him. I opened my Rolodex and introduced him to Dr. Myles Monroe, Les Brown, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Andria Hall – and found him a good ghost writer, he published the book and I promoted the heck out of it and the rest is history. After coaching him for many years – his gift opened the door for him and he is now soaring.  The proudest moment is when he landed in Ebony magazine. See below in article about Millionaires. Ken Brown and Pam Perry PR Coach
  2. Kim Brooks. When I met Kim she was praying in church about her book. I had never promoted novels but read them. I told her I needed to know her platform. She told me she wanted to deliver a message to Christian singles about celibacy before marriage. I got it. I said, let’s go with that. Her book was really good! She was very coachable and an excellent speaker. Her book launched and the Detroit News called her book, “The Terry McMillian Book with a Christian Twist.” WOW. She’s gone on to do amazing things and is a full time author and speaker. Proud moment: A Three-book deal from a major publisher!!! Yes. Media hits in Jet magazine, Gospel Today and being  asked to speak all over the country. Now she is planning her own events!
  3. Lucinda Cross. Now I’ve know Lucinda Cross for over 15 years. I’ve seen her evolve from a VA to an author to an amazing speaker. I hired her to do one of my first websites in 2009!  I saw her integrity and her heart. She was very coachable and had a story to tell. I had her on my podcast several times and I always promoted her in my social media. I know talent! She just launched a new book – get it.  Her old books are good too. Proud moment… when she stepped into what she was really called to do… and she got media hits in Essence and on the Today show and even got on a TV show. I saw it in her all the time. Want to know the back story? Read this book, “The Road to Redemption.”
    My clients are amazing. God has allowed me to “work my PR and branding Magic” and use my media influence and social media strategies to help market the message of these marvelous folks. My new Branding Accelerator Cohort Got NEXT! So Excited for them. They were hand-picked by my team to be the next superstars! pam perry and td jakes  Next is this series, I’ll feature some of the other clients I’ve worked with over the years and show you where they are now……… they’re NOW FAMOUS! 🙂 
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