Proceed with Passion: Pam Perry Hitting the Reset Button

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Are you working for a living or doing your “life work?” That’s the question I ask myself every time I find myself restless, unfulfilled or uncomfortable with my life. I am known to re-brand. I will reinvent. I will hit “reset” and start over. 

reset pam perry When God speaks to me, I listen – and I pitch everything else.  Pursuing my purpose, using my gifts and creating significance are the most important things to me.

To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth. – Pearl Buck

My friend, Karen Taylor Bass, said, “I had to press #RESET simply because got tired of repeating a silly pattern and not living up to my potential. Although a proud work-in-progress, I truly understand and embrace my power now and it feels great.” She was once the publicist for Jill Scott and now she is an author, speaker, weekly columnist for MadameNoire Biz and monthly contributing expert on nationally syndicated, Cafe Mocha Radio. She is also a master at rebranding herself.

So, last June I took a hiatus from my highly successful “Branding Superstar University”  and began a new project. I began “Project:  Aubrey.” We even created a Powerpoint and an executive summary on this “project.”  I set my time and energy to help my daughter get into her “dream school” and win scholarships.  She was heading into her senior year – and I wanted to give her an “edge.”

I truly intended to re-lauAubrey M Perry nch BSU in the fall – then the New Year – and well, God had other plans. Aubrey has won five scholarships so far and has even had a little media coverage. She has become my branding superstar! I am so proud of her. She has been accepted to Michigan State University and also admitted to a special business program for high-achieving multicultural students this summer.  She’s on her way.

She is starting a new chapter in her life and so am I.  I am pleased, honored, elated and grateful to start a position as the Marketing and PR Manager for The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

pam perry at the WRIGHT MUSEUM Detroit pam perry at The Wright

This is my “dream” job! OMG!
I have worked for myself for 17 years.  Until now – God has opened the door for this position where I can creatively use all my skills, gifts, abilities for the betterment of my community – the world by helping The Wright Museum shine online and off!

For those who know me personally know that I am such a “black history” booster and one to really try to empower our community. Always one to join an association like National Black Public Relations Society, NABJ, NAACP or starting ones like BART and ACW/Detroit, my mission is clear.  Support each other. Help one another move forward. Tell our stories. Promote our successes.  

My inspiration comes from Rev. Martin Luther King and Percy Sutton (who I met at Howard University 30 years ago) but my mission is to always give back to the community and honor the ancestors who paved the way for all of us. That’s just me. I’m cut from that cloth. My mentors have been George Fraser, Tony Brown, Dr. Teresa Hairston, Dr. Cindy Trimm – I could sit and listen to each one for hours.  They preach and teach about empowering our people.

The one thing that really excites and fascinates me is black history, art and culture – maybe because so much was not really taught correctly to us in public schools (or just hidden) – so I do a lot of reading and researching on my own. There is one book on African American history that literally changed my life by Dr. Joel Freeman. See the video trailer below.

I am so ready to embrace this journey of exciting work at The Wright Museum. I thank God that it will be fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful. It’s a new direction but not a new purpose.  That’s been my tag line for my life work, “Marketing THE Message.”  The methods have changed but the message was always about inspiring, empowering and motivating the masses.  Now, with The Wright celebrating 50 years next year, I’ll be calling on YOU to help this gem continue to shine bright and become the beacon of strength and knowledge for us all.

When was the last time you visited The Wright Museum? See you there!

  • Hello Pam,

    Congratulations! I know the CHWMAAH is elated that you are part of their team. I knew you where focusing on Aubrey’s future college from some of your FACEBOOK posts, etc. I’m happy for Aubrey who seems like quite a young lady. I first saw her back in 2008 at one of your seminars and she was of course, somewhat shy at the time and now she has multiple scholarships and in the news; “WAY TO GO!”.

    YES, One must follow their PASSION which may change courses overtime. That is why I have made President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, their daughters, their policies and initiatives one of the main subjects I prefer to Blog about. My goal is to keep the positive information regarding The Obama Administrative and the Obama Family “OUT THERE” as role models for the families in our communities and also for the majority population in the United States and in other countries. So long as President Obama is in the White House–he needs to stay in front of everyone’s TV, computers, Newspapers, BLOGS, etc. as an outstanding role model.

    So I commend you as for hitting the “Reset” button.


    Camille Mitchell

  • Marina says:

    Fabulous + exciting! You’re a rockstar!

  • Landa says:

    Awww the reset button! I have had to hit that button several times in my journey. Thanks for the inspiration and the insight, keep up the good work 🙂

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