Episode 31: Profitable Public Speaking During the Pandemic with Shawn Fair

If you’re a paid public speaker or want to be one, don’t let this pandemic stop you! You can have time onstage despite the lockdown – and because of it.

When venues closed their doors in early 2020, some people shut down their speaking business, but this week’s guest, Shawn Fair, saw the opportunity to build his business up

When his in-person auditions had to become auditions-by-video, Shawn heard from speakers who lived oceans away, in addition to those from his local metro area. And when it’s time to take the stage, his top-notch speakers are now seen around the globe, thanks to streaming media.

If you want to be inspired by the possibilities despite – and because of – this pandemic, then sit back and listen to this leader in training and motivational speaking talk about: how he helps new speakers launch their careers, the job he shouldn’t have got that sparked 20+ years of growing success, how his business expanded because of the pandemic, 5 things every speaker should have in their kit, 3 ways speakers can elevate their brand through social media, why every speaker needs a website … and more!

If you want to be a successful speaker, you have to have a platform … something that people want to be connected to that they’re willing to pay for.” – Shawn Fair

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • The job Shawn shouldn’t have got that sparked his successful 20+ year career
  • This fellow Christian inspired Shawn to become a speaker
  • Why you should post what you’re up to on social media
  • How Shawn helps new speakers launch their careers
  • The 6 things every speaking gig will ask you for
  • A speaker’s kit is worthless without this one thing
  • True Story! 3 ways Shawn’s business expanded because of the pandemic
  • Why every speaker has to have a website
  • The key to creating credibility
  • Launching a public speaking business is like buying a franchise – here’s how…
  • Perfect Example: Strong branding is a magnet for opportunity
  • How a professional speaker prepares for an event
  • The newest stage for Shawn’s leadership tours
  • How to elevate your exposure with social media
  • This “batting order” for a speaking team brings out their best


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