Episode 65: Profits, People, and Publicity with Dean Hankey, Marketing Magician

What if I told you that your path to a profitable business was paved with give instead of take? What if I said that the best way to market your business was to ask instead of tell?

That’s not what most business books will tell you, but there are other ways to do business, and those aren’t the only books where we find wisdom, either…

My guest this week is Dean Hankey, Marketing Magician and People Pro, and his preferred process for publicity and profitability is to ASK. As you’ll hear him quote from James 4:2 – “You have not because you ask not,” and only gets better from there!

Whatever your beliefs, you’ll be encouraged by: Dean’s super-simple 3-step VIP keys to success, where to start with any endeavor, how giving leads to getting, what determines the quality of your success, why you shouldn’t be scared to pitch to the media, what you need if you’re going to do good in the world (this answer may surprise you) … and more!

"The more you ask, the more you get. It’s a sheer numbers game.” – Dean Hankey

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • The mentoring of a magician
  • Your obligation to share your gifts
  • Are you limiting yourself by your industry’s failures?
  • Making someone’s day vs transforming their forever
  • 5 places to create your own stage
  • What do you need to start as a speaker?
  • This is even closer than low-hanging fruit...
  • Dean’s super-simple steps for getting anything you want
  • How many people get those steps backward
  • Our new expertise, thanks to social media (hint: it’s not a good thing)
  • The essence of every business
  • How to ask for help by offering it
  • The heart of copywriting (really, it’s this simple)
  • Where a lot of speakers need to start


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