🎬 Promote Before You Broadcast: How to Attract Viewers to Your Live Video

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If you work live video into your marketing mix and livestream regularly, you’re guaranteed to grow your audience. Recent marketing studies show that people watch live video up to 3 times more often compared to regular videos. In order to get the best results from your livestream efforts, here are some tips to promoting before you go live for maximum viewership.

Schedule Your Live Video and Make it an Event

You can turn on live video and start streaming any time and your customers can interact with you. But you’ll get even more people to watch if you plan it ahead of time and make an event out of it. Let people know when and where you’re going live and what they can expect by joining. Share this message everywhere you communicate with your audience, including your email list and social media profiles.

For even more viewers, create a countdown to the event. This will give it a sense of urgency and remind people to tune in.

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Create a Good Description

Write a description that tells people concisely what they can expect from your livestream. Discuss the topics you’ll cover. Try to make it enticing, emphasizing the benefits of joining you live. You may also want to emphasize the interactive aspects. For example, tell them you’ll be taking questions and answering them live.


Use Hashtags in Your Description #prcoach #drpamperry

On social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people will be searching for videos to watch using hashtags. Check out trending hashtags in your niche and use a few relevant ones in your description, and your stream is more likely to be seen by people searching for those terms.

Send an Email Blast

Every time you go live, let your email subscribers know. Tell them when the event is happening and give them a link so it’s easy for them to join. Make sure the subject line explains that you’re telling them about a live event. The body of the email should give them a quick rundown of the topics you’ll be covering.

Promote on Social Media

Use a social media management software like Hootsuite or Buffer to send out a post on all channels telling people you’re going live right now. This is a great way to catch people who are skimming through their social media feeds looking for something to do.


Simulcast on multiple social media platforms live so that you can get people following you everywhere. They won’t have to switch to another platform or account to enjoy your content. I use Streamyard. 


Make Your Video Interactive

The more interactive your video is, the more people will want to join and engage. They can talk to you, ask questions, comment, and become part of your content. This is one of the major reasons why live video is quickly becoming the new and improved form of video marketing.

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