Episode 1: You Want Publicity, But Are You Ready and Set to Go?

Welcome to the Get Out There and Get Known podcast! Join me, Pam Perry, as I show you how to crack the code in getting out there to get known.

Listen in each week as I offer you strategies on publicity, publishing, and platform building.

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On this first episode, I talk about my 30 years of experiences in the media, introduce all three parts of my Ready-Set-Go method for getting media publicity, highlight why people are afraid to ‘get out there,’ reveal the 4 things you need to have before you do get out there …and more!

"Know that you're going to get some No's and be ok with that." – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Who this podcast is for
  • The grand tour of my 30 years of experience in print, radio, TV, and magazines
  • The 3 things I'll talk about on this podcast
  • Check out my Ready, Set, Go method
  • For Example: What it took to get ready for this first episode (it takes a village!)
  • Why media publicity is a winning way to get seen
  • Are you an expert? See if you’re any of these three things…
  • 2 big reasons that people are afraid to ‘get out there’
  • 4 things you need to have before you get out there
  • Do you think you’re ready? See if you have these three things…
  • How getting time in the media is like becoming a bestselling author
  • 2 people who can help you see your blind spots
  • Here’s a jumpstart question for you…
  • Some small ponds where you can be the ‘big fish’ 🐟


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