Episode 32: Purposeful + Practical PR = Rockstar Publicity, with Yetunde Shorters

Do you know what you’ve been put on this planet to do, but you don’t know what to do next? Do you want to make a profit while standing tall in your purpose? Then you need to meet this week’s guest, Yetunde Shorters.

An award-winning international publicist, entrepreneur, and author, Yetunde Shorters has spent 20 years getting publicity features for musicians, artists, and solopreneurs all over the world.

Now she’s helping women entrepreneurs get crystal clear on their life’s purpose, and with that clarity, activate it for impact and income.

If you have knowledge and know-how and are tired of being a best-kept secret, then listen in and level up while Yetunde and I talk about: the childhood adventures that reveal our true purpose, a single question to uncover your target audience, proof that what you offer isn’t for everybody, why big engagement is worth more than a big following, what to do before launching your book, what personal branding is really about … and more!

Get clear on your WHY, and be able to translate that clearly ... so that it's rooted in who you are; not this fiction on who you want to be or who you think you should be.” – Yetunde Shorters

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • What the Revenge of the Nerds movie sparked young Yetunde to do
  • How she switched from pre-law to PR in just 30 seconds 😉
  • Not sure about your target audience? This one question will make it crystal clear…
  • Perfect Example: No one is a fit for everyone
  • How to expand your business and still stay focused
  • What is NLP?
  • Your publicist isn’t your therapist, buuuut…
  • Are you ready to be seen?
  • What personal branding is really about
  • Your mindset shift for reaching out to the media
  • How social media has warped our sense of timing
  • How long it really takes to build an engaged online community
  • Why follower engagement > number of followers
  • What to do before launching your book
  • Got purpose but need clarity? Yetunde’s created this just for you…


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