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Your Hard Work Deserves

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If you’re being honest, you’re not where you want to be. You’ve dedicated decades to leveling up your skills and establishing your expertise.

You pour passion and excellence into helping your clients day in and day out. Long nights spent cuddling up with coursework. Early mornings making plans to change more lives.

Your proven methods and signature frameworks have paved a path for hundreds, even thousands, to reap the rewards of success.

But there’s a disconnect. See, that hard-earned knowledge, wisdom and experience you’ve amassed – a goldmine for your clients – remains hidden from the rest of the world.

teri donelson

Despite the lives you’ve transformed, you’re still a best-kept secret. Your reputation is unknown. Your work, influence and results are left unheard and undiscovered.

You watch “overnight sensations” score high-profile speaking engagements, book deals and corporate contracts. Yet, even though you have just as much (or more) insight and expertise, few are knocking on your door.

And the question is why.

See, I KNOW you have the passion, drive and skills to impact lives on a bigger scale. But you’re stuck at the micro-level – overlooked, undervalued and unable to access next-level audiences and opportunities.

Listen, with the decades you’ve put in, your expertise should be enriching people worldwide, not stuck in obscurity.

And you know it, too. The problem is, you don’t know how to move out from the shadows and show the right people what you’re capable of.

That’s where Quick Media Coverage™ comes in.

Imagine when the top companies and national and global conferences start recruiting YOU to pour into their leaders and attendees.

When the press calls to feature YOUR expertise.

When book publishers want to tell YOUR story.

This is all possible … when you get my team and me involved. We take over the frustrating work of landing media placements and securing features in major publications in as little as 2 business days after you complete your interview questionnaire.

No more gambling on random, one-hit-wonder PR efforts. No more trying to find success with sporadic social media posts.

Our done-for-you publicity service positions you in front of your dream audiences and demonstrates your experience with relatability, influence and undeniable proof.

We don’t just promise results – we guarantee them.

Get the Publicity You Need to Impact More Lives

Look, I know you’ve been hit with an endless list of things you “must do” to get your expertise in front of the right people …

Post on social media.

Give away free insights and valuable tips.

Even speak without getting paid.

But here’s where you end up after tiring yourself out doing all that: Right back in the same place you were before you started.

That’s because while all these things can work eventually, most high-achieving experts and leaders like you don’t have the time to do these things consistently for such nominal results.

You want to get in front of more of the people who need you most ASAP. You want more influence fast.

You want to impact and transform lives right now.

And we’re here to get you the ongoing exposure, influence and impact you need to achieve the success you desire and deserve.

Now, notice I said “ongoing.” Before you read anymore, please know this:

Effective PR is NOT a “one-and-done” thing. It requires fresh press on a regular basis to sustain interest, awareness and remain top of mind among your target audience.

That’s why we’ve curated the most popular and effective Quick Media Coverage™ packages to keep the spotlight shining on you month after month.

Here’s how we do it:

We Turn Your Expertise into an Enticing Story

We ask all the right questions before crafting your persuasive, engaging feature story. With a clear, intriguing narrative, we position you to attract exposure and boost your brand’s authority.

We Get Your Brand Story Featured on High-Ranked Google News Sites

We reel in a rush of relevant exposure by publishing your brand story in up to 4 of our 30 highly ranked publications including CEO Weekly, NY Weekly, US Reporter, Artist Weekly and other notable outlets and podcasts. (For Preferred + Supreme Publicity packages only.)

We Secure Fast Media Features

Once you’ve completed the interview questionnaire and we’ve written your feature story, you’ll see media placements rolling in as soon as 2 business days.

We Amplify Your Reach

We extend your reach by posting on our social media pages and sharing your expertise with our insider network of journalists, producers, event planners and publishers. This gets your message in front of key decision-makers fast.

We Tell You How to Maximize Your Media Coverage

You’ll get exclusive access to our comprehensive guide filled with 50 ways to leverage your media coverage. Combined with our done-for-you publicity services, this guide gives you everything you need to increase your exposure and influence as an expert.

We Guarantee You’ll Get Published

We guarantee you’ll land your first media placement as quickly as 2 business days after you invest in a package and choose “immediate coverage” on the interview questionnaire. If that doesn’t happen, you pay nothing. It’s our publicity pledge to you.

Professional PR is the secret ingredient to lock in your authority status.

Choose from one of the meticulously curated packages below so we can deliver the exposure and publicity you need to serve your clients and community.

Publicity package is for established authors, speakers and coaches looking to solidify their influence by tapping into our expansive network for exposure and brand awareness.



one fee for 12 months


Elevate Your Brand: One Year, One Fee


Elevate Your Brand: One Year, One Fee

Ready Set Go Speak Community for 12 months ($1500 value)

Get featured in US Times and
another Top Tier Publication

(Value $1000)

Secure a Full-Page Feature in Speakers(TM) Magazine (550K+ Readers):(Value $350)

Custom Social Media Graphics and Media Logos to Share on Your Social Media

(Value $250)

Video Interview Podcast: Get interviewed by Dr. Pam Perry – LIVE on Youtube at Speakers.FM
(Value $750)

Amazon Live for Authors: Get featured on an Amazon Live event directly linking to and promoting your book

(Value $500)

6 Monthly Media Placements within 12 months (View the complete list of 30 in-network news sites here.) 

($3000 Value)

Email of Your Feature to Our Network

(Value $500)

Social Media Promo: Get your podcast seen by our 100K+ social media followers across all channels (LI, FB, IG, Pinterest)(Value $500)

Video Interview Podcast: Get interviewed on Own the Microphone
(Value $100)

Newsbreak feature reaching 45 million

(Value $500)

USA Wire, a high-domain authority
(Value $500)

Business Sharks Magazine
(Value $500)

American Business Stars
(Value $500)

12 Media Placements within 12 months:
(View the complete list of 30 in-network news sites here.) 
($6000 Value)

Black Authors Matter TV plus PR push through our network
(Value $500)

Press Release Writing & Distribution:
Get a press release written and shared on 200 news sites including ABC, USA Today, NBC, Fox, Marketwatch and more.

(Value $1500)

Total Value




What to Expect When You Invest in
Quick Media Coverage

Elevate Your Brand to the Top with First Page Google Rankings

Imagine your brand's story shining brightly on the first page of Google! Our team at Quick Media Coverage specializes in elevating your content for maximum visibility. While we strive for top rankings for various keywords, it's important to note that certain challenging niches, like cryptocurrency or supplements, may face more Google restrictions.

Drive Traffic to Your Website Like Never Before

Our expertly crafted publications don't just rank well; they become gateways, leading curious readers directly to your website. This isn't just a fleeting visit; it's the start of a long-term relationship. Our clients often experience a significant increase in website visitors, creating a steady stream of potential customers.

Convert Readers into Leads and Sales

The journey from reader to customer begins with our publications. Your audience will be more inclined to engage with your brand and take decisive action on your site. While results naturally vary, many of our clients celebrate ongoing sales and a significant boost in their conversion rates.

Boost Your SEO and Become Googlicious!

Step into the SEO spotlight! Quick Media Coverage is your secret weapon for enhancing your search engine presence. Not only will your brand be more discoverable, but you'll also enjoy the sweet taste of being 'Googlicious'—a term I coined for that irresistible, SEO-optimized appeal.

In a nutshell, Quick Media Coverage is about amplifying your unique brand story, drawing in a targeted audience, and transforming that visibility into tangible, long-lasting results. Get ready to witness a transformation in how your brand is perceived online! 🌟

Meet Dr. Pam Perry, Your PR Guru

Hey, great to meet you!

I’m an award-winning marketing communications and PR professional. I’m also the publisher of Speakers magazine and host of “The Speakers Magazine Show” podcast.

Notably named a “PR Guru” by Publishers Weekly, I leverage my wide-reaching network and decades of media and publicity experience to propel experts and experienced entrepreneurs into the spotlight, distinguishing them from competitors and attracting new clients with their buzz-worthy stories.

My clients have been featured on CNN, TBN, Fox2, MSNBC, Oprah magazine, USA Today, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, NPR, PBS and many other major media outlets.

But the most important part of what I do is getting you the visibility, credibility and next-level breakthrough you’ve worked tirelessly for but have yet to achieve.

Inside Quick Media Coverage™, we’ll finally make that happen for you.

Picture Yourself on Top-Tier, High Domain Authority Media Outlets Like These:

Here are some of the stories from

Quick Media Coverage.

They’ve been shining ever since!

Tamira Chapman

EY and Enterprising Women of the Year Award Winner,  Named Keynote Speaker for Subscription Summit, WEW & MMSDC

John Diggs

Regular Speaking Opportunities / Leads & His work was featured on Times Square Billboard in NYC!

Shelley “Butch” Anthony III

Resulted in multiple appearances on local news networks and newspapers.

Deidra Moore

Resulted in  speaking engagements, featured at  NABJ Convention & honored as World Growth Forum  Person of the Year.

Jade Simmons

Continues to rises with multiple speaking engagements and honors.

Satori Shakoor

Resulting in being in Michigan Chronicle, Detroit News  and on Fox2 News with a sell out crowd!

Your Most Important Questions Answered

I signed up – what happens now?

First off, let me say how thrilled we are to work with you! Once you invest in one  of the publicity packages, we recommend starting your interview questionnaire and  submitting a photo right away.  

This will allow us to publish your story within 2 business days. If you prefer to  schedule your story to run at a later date, we can do that too.

Am I the right fit for Quick Media Coverage? 

If you’re an expert or experienced entrepreneur – author, speaker, coach – and  you’re looking to expand your online credibility, authority and influence, then  YES, Quick Media Coverage is perfect for you.

How many media placements will I get? 

Depending on the publicity package you choose, you can qualify for up to 4 media  placements. 

Keep in mind that we have a wide-reaching network, which means we also  promote you to millions of people across our social media platforms, podcast and  popular Speakers® magazine.

What happens if I don’t want my article published immediately? 

That’s absolutely fine. When submitting your interview for publication, you’ll  simply schedule a future date.

Why does publicity matter? 

Gaining the coveted “as featured in ____” behind your name is a great way to  validate your credentials and expertise, land speaking engagements, close deals  and build authority.

Why should I do this?

You'll forever have the coveted “as featured in FOX, CBS, NBC” behind your  brand. This will help you land more speaking gigs, close more deals and explode  your online credibility.

Are you or any member of your team a journalist for major networks?

No, I’m an experienced PR professional with an extensive network of news  contacts, event planners and exclusive speakers’ organizations. Quick Media  Coverage is facilitated by my PR agency, which has publishing access to news  sites in top markets.

Do I have to live in the United States to work with you? 

No. We support clients based abroad and in the United States. The great thing is  that gaining U.S. media exposure can catapult your global marketing efforts.

Do I really get a refund if I don't get published within 2 business days?

Yes, as long as you meet your media package's requirements and terms and  conditions. The turnaround time of 2 business days starts after you submit your  interview questionnaire and photo. The money-back-guarantee doesn’t apply if you  schedule your article to run at a later date.

Will stories get published on websites, magazines or newspapers? 

Beyond features in Speakers® magazine, we publish on high-ranking online news  and media sites.

Will I get lots of sales from my article?

That’s possible, but we don’t guarantee sales. What we will say is that if you  leverage your story on social media and maximize the credibility gained from the  publicity we generate, you’ll likely land more business opportunities.

Can I add “as seen in” in my social media and marketing materials?

Absolutely! You can (and should) promote being officially featured on top news sites – this is excellent social proof.

How long does the process take?

After submitting your interview questionnaire and photo, you can get your first feature published in as little as 2 business days (weekdays). Media moves fast, and so do we!

One final note:

You’ve made it this far in your career and business because you know the immense value of showing up in excellence. You’ve shown up for your employer and clients.

And today, I’m encouraging you to show up for YOU. You owe it to yourself and those who need your wisdom most to maximize your visibility and impact.

No more playing small or flying under the radar.

This is your time to shine. Take advantage of this opportunity to open doors you didn’t know existed. Put your brand in front of the audiences who will benefit from your expertise the most.

The only question I have is, are you ready to rise to your next level of influence?

There’s no pressure. The choice is yours.

Just know the fastest way to create change is to take action.

You have so much expertise, wisdom and skills to share with the world. And when you work with Quick Media Coverage™, we’ll propel you into your rightful place in the spotlight.