Episode 36: Reinvent and Rebrand for Retirement with Professor Denise Joy Hart

You will love my talk with Professor Denise Joy Hart if you’re nearing retirement and don’t know what you’ll do next, or if you’ve been feeling an urge to do that thing which you’ve always wanted to do but still haven’t done.

Your natural gifts are the key to adding grace, ease, and joy to your life, whether you explore them as a hobby or you build them into a business – or you do both, as Denise has!

Rebranding isn’t just for businesses anymore, and retirement is both an end and a beginning. If your gifts and desires have been sitting on a shelf for years, it’s time to take them down, dust them off, and reinvent yourself.

(And if you’re a speaker or an author, I’m your PR Angel, and you can count on me to help!)

Listen in to hear about: the pandemic question that reshaped Denise’s life (it could change yours, too!), leaning into your natural gifts and skills, growing your hobby into a business, finding joy in your purpose and purpose in your joy, the keys to mastering any skill, where to find discipline and motivation, how defiance leads to success … and more!

You need a team around you that helps keep that high level, that helps push you at the level of execution that’s going to make a meaningful difference.” – Denise J. Hart

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • What some people call adversity, others turn into opportunity…
  • Repurpose! How visual arts and theater training serve an interior designer
  • How the pandemic inspired growth and artistic expression
  • Denise’s secret to successful career pivots
  • True Story! A calling that became a hobby that became a business
  • The 2 keys to achieving mastery in anything
  • Start now to retire from one thriving career into another
  • True Story! A Gen X-er can learn Millennial-era skills
  • Ask yourself: What would your work look like if you blended all your talents?
  • Good question: What are your top 5 values?
  • Want to write comedy? Here are 3 places to get schooled…


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