Episode 48: Reinvent Yourself for Success with Best-Selling Author & Speaker Michelle McKinney Hammond

Well, the end of 2021 is right around the corner… How close are you to accomplishing the goals you set back in January? There’s still time to make it a success, and this week’s guest has made a career of inspiring readers and listeners like you.

That’s Michelle McKinney Hammond – author, speaker, voiceover actor, and producer – who shares the pivotal moments along her journey from a career in corporate advertising to full-time speaker and best-selling author of 42 books.

This ain’t no Cinderella story! Becoming a best-selling author and a well-known brand doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen, and it can happen for you, too.

So check out this inspiring lesson in reinvention, repurposing, and staying relevant, where you’ll hear about: the author-speaker success cycle, the health crisis that made way for Michelle to complete her first of 42 books, how the publishing industry has changed, why you should never compare yourself to others, what the pandemic is pushing us toward, what happens when you do what you’re called to do … and more!

Embrace your unique voice, because you are the person that will touch someone that no one else can touch.” – Michelle McKinney Hammond

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story #1! From rejection letters into best-selling author of 42 books
  • True Story #2! Trailblazing in the Christian book industry
  • That thing you don’t do could become your go-to
  • The success cycle: write, speak, sell books, write, speak...
  • A new audiobook company especially for black authors’ books
  • The switch from writing nonfiction to writing fiction
  • What traditional book publishers are looking for now
  • Two BIG ways that book publishers miss the mark
  • Where and when you can hang out with Michelle McKinney Hammond
  • Lessons in reinvention, repurposing, and staying relevant
  • What this COVID experience is asking of us
  • Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others


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