Resurrect Your Dreams. Prayer for You to Walk in Abundance by Valorie Burton #ListentoYourLife

Valorie Burton

My former client and friend, author/speaker/coach, Valorie Burton – wrote a book years ago that I promoted: Listen to Your Life (Waterbrook Press, 2004). She got endorsements for that book from Bishop T.D. Jakes, Les Brown and the late Andria Hall, who were also clients of mine.  Though this book is almost 10 years old, I wanted to share a Prayer from it that I believe Christians need to read, copy, save and affirm daily. It’s about mindset – and how to live an abundant life that God promised.

So many Christians over that last year have lost hope because of the pandemic and are not living up to their birthright. God wants us be a success, thrive and be blessed to be a blessing.   It starts with knowing you are worthy. You deserve an abundance of anything that you require.  Watch your thought.  Honor yourself and know you are worthy to receive.  Be open to receive – NOW!  I remind myself that it is a sign of strength to ask for help. When the student is ready – the teacher appears.  There is power in asking. (The subject of our next Clubhouse in the Speakers Magazine VIP Room) 

 Prayer of Abundance

Lord, thank you for the abundance of blessings You have bestowed upon me this day. 

Every day of my life, You have blessed me, and I want to thank You right now for being so good. 

Thank You for life, love and opportunities large and small.

Thank you for the seemingly small things I take for granted because I have never had to go without them. 

Help me see the abundance that exists in my life today and enable me comprehend the exceeding abundance that awaits me on my path. 

Free me of all SMALL THINKING and from the fear that comes from focusing on lack.

Show me how to build a foundation by being faithful over the things that are in my life right now.

Give me a strong desire and the motivation to an excellent steward over the gifts and resources You have given me.

I understand that by being faithful with a few things, I demonstrate to You my ability to be “a ruler over many things.” 

I do not want to bury my gifts, so please help me multiply them and blessing others in the process.

Your Word says that You will supply all my needs according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Replace all greed, stinginess and materialism with generosity, thankfulness and good stewardship. 

Help me to give easily and cheerfully and give me the wisdom to know what to keep, what to invest and what to give away. 

In times of need, help me exercise my faith and be anxious for nothing!

I trust You not only to supply my needs to to give me the desires of my heart. 

Thank You for promises of Your Word!

Now help me RENEW MY MIND and take ACTION that will lead to an abundance of everything you meant for me to have. AMEN. 

(Taken from Listen to Your Life: Following Your Unique Path to Extraordinary Success, Waterbrook Press, 2004)Valorie Burton

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(Left to right) Pam Perry, authors Shelita Williams and Valorie Burton

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