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Want to sell more books … a lot more books?

Want to reach a lot more people without spending a fortune on marketing?

If so, join Steve Harrison this coming Thursday for a free teleseminar on “How to Take the Express Lane to Selling More Books – A Lot More Books – Even If You Hate Marketing and You’re Not Good With Technology.”

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 No matter where you are in your publishing journey …. whether your book is still in the idea stage …. you’re writing it now but are far from finished …. or your book is already published, find out how to get in the express lane NOW!

 Steve has helped over 12,000 authors promote their books and on this free teleseminar, you’ll discover proven strategies including:

 The “Mass Movement” Express Lane One of the keys to changing the world with your message is to get other people doing what you teach and telling others about you.  But most authors and speakers don’t know there are actual principles which – if you follow them – dramatically increase the odds of your message going viral.


The Amazon Express Lane – there are a number of ways to sell more books, more quickly on Amazon.  You’ll discover the simplest way and hear about an author who sold 900 books in 24 hours and hit #2 in a very competitive category.  Best of all, this strategy took him only 15 minutes to implement.

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The Facebook Express Lane  – a simple way to sell a lot more books on Facebook day after day.  Once you set this up… keeps on working for you like a 24-hour sales person.  One author sells a steady stream of books every day this way.


The National Publicity Express Lane – If you have ever thought it would take years and years for you to get on national TV or be interviewed by media across the country, you are engaging in “slow lane thinking.”  You’ll discover three simple ways to accelerate the speed at which you grab media attention – proven techniques that have worked to make previously unknown authors famous.


The Social Media Express Lane  – Everybody knows that social media can help you sell a lot more books SOMEHOW, but most people waste countless hours “doing social media” and they have very little to show for it.   One of the things they miss is how to integrate their writing with their social media.  You’ll learn how bestselling authors use their content multiple ways on social media to become New York Times bestsellers.


How do you really change the world with your message?  On the “Bestseller Mindset” Express LaneUnlike thirty years ago, more and more authors need to MAKE their books bestsellers.  A great book is just the beginning.  Authors need to do a lot more to promote their books on a regular basis. That requires a different attitude and mindset.

To discover all the above and more, join Steve for Thursday’s free teleseminar:

 I hope you can make the call because I know you’ll learn a lot!  I’m proud to be a compensated affiliate for Steve’s company’s offerings.

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Pam Perry speaker at Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit in New York