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Launch Your Book Like a Superstar

So, you’re writing a book or you’re an author and want to “get out there?”

Are you searching for solutions on how to market, promote and sell your book?

Do you want to build a platform that will sustain your speaking and publishing career?

Pam and her team will walk you through the steps to help you fulfill your dream, and provide you with the resources, contacts, best-selling tips, and proven PR strategies to get your book “out there.”

As your PR Campaign Management Team, we will help you:

  • Define and target your audience
  • Build a platform to reach the masses
  • Create a BRAND that delivers sales & speaking engagements
  • Develop a campaign strategy
  • Produce dazzling press and marketing materials
  • Navigate social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin,& MORE
  • Generate media hits in radio, television, magazine and newspapers
  • Package your book

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